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Apr 5 2013, 10:44 AM
Apr 5 2013, 12:49 AM
I'm a Chloe fan, but sorry, can't approve of her actions with Daniel and Jennifer. She used her child in the worst possible way: as a means to an end. This isn't about what's best for Parker - it's about what's best for her, sexually.
I want her to find happiness, and don't think she's too far gone.
And yes, I believe her actions have merit. If you were THAT hot and lost a man THAT good looking to a 55- or 60-year-old woman like Jennifer Horton, it probably would drive you crazy. So the story is plausible. But I still don't condone her actions in this case. Poor Parker is being shuffled around just so his mom can get a man. I hope Chloe gets the help she needs.
Um, Jennifer is in her mid 40s (as is MR).

And when she was closer to Chloe's age, she took her little girl to another country to chase after another man she was in lust with (another sleazy doctor, I might add). Abby's father had no idea where they'd gone and only found out when Alice called him. So, as you say, Abby was being shuffled around just so her mom could get a man.

Even now, Jennifer is no saint. She's neglecting her own children to lust after her boyfriend.

By the way, I'm a Jennifer fan, but sorry, can't approve of her actions with Daniel and Chloe and Nicole and, well, anyone, these days.

Missy Reeves is 44?! I wouldn't have known that with the neck.
Could have sworn at least 50.

I just meant that, to someone of Chloe's temperament, she would see Jennifer as an oldie (50s, 60, even though that's not true), whereas she's the younger hottie who could appear on the cover of Maxim - in her mind, from the character's viewpoint.

No way would a woman of Chloe's age and temperament allow for that. So I could understand how Chloe could get an insanity story after having to fight a "mature woman" who probably only likes the missionary position, for man with abs like Daniel's.
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