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The Scorpion
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Apr 5 2013, 09:31 PM
Really, enough is efuckingnuff. There is always a story that sucks, always a character that sucks, I don't mind. This is just so ridiculous, however. Why is the show so incredibly invested in this pairing? They've put how many years into them now? How many truly beloved characters have they flushed down the toilet in their honor? I don't even want to watch this stupid show anymore. I liked Chloe. Hell, I liked Jennifer and never really disliked Daniel all that much, but I'm really starting to hate this entire show because of those two. They have no chemistry, nor do they have a compelling story to tell, so they are trying to convince us that this is true love by utterly destroying any other character that the audience might have preferred either of them with. No other ship may be allowed to exist. For some reason this is coming across as small and mean-spirited to me, and it is making my show look like someone I really don't like very much after all.
Yes I feel the same way, this is not just a story that sucks it's crazy shit that sucks the life out of the entire show, and because they take so much screen time, so it becomes automatic that you can not tune in because they're on 24/7!
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