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4/8, Daniel is reunited with his son; Jennifer makes mysterious travel plans; Victor is intrigued when he gets a call from Sy; Hope tells Brady that his mugger has been arrested; Vargas manipulates Nicole.

4/9, Daniel's suspicions are raised, so he goes to Rafe for help; Kristen warns Sy about the cops; Nicole learns about Jennifer and Daniel's breakup; Gabi is stunned when Kate presents her with legal papers.

4/10, Daniel figures out Chloe's deception; Jennifer seeks comfort from her mother; Sonny visits EJ and offers to spy on Nick; Sami accuses EJ of having an ulterior motive for moving back into the mansion; Rafe is furious with Kate because of her latest stunt.

4/11, Jennifer makes a life-changing decision; Daniel confronts Chloe; EJ makes a cryptic remark to Sami about their future; Abigail and Chad unwittingly tip off Anne about Cameron; Stefano reaches out to Chad and Cameron.

4/12, Daniel makes an emotional plea to Chloe; Nicole and Vargas run into Gabi and Nick at the pub; EJ, Sami and Will strategize on how to bring about Nick's downfall; Abigail and Chad try to alert Cameron about Anne.
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