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I actually think Brady's death would affect the most people, but it would lack some of the extra emotional beats that one of the characters with children would have. The fact that they don't have the kind of characters and pairings that make that kind of story work so well is a major example of the problem this show has had with writing, IMO. Rafe and Daniel have been on the canvas about as long as Steve was when he was killed off, and I can't imagine either of their deaths being anywhere near the story Steve's was.
No way. I'd kill off Rafe or Daniel first. They are more expendable. Eric Martsolf entertains me way more than 3/4 of the males on this show.

For females, I'd love to see Sami go. Jennifer, too. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening.

As long as Marlena STAYS PUT.
Them being expendable is kind of my point. They need to kill of someone important. I have no issue with them leaving too. That's not the issue.
Rafe and Daniel are important enough to kill off. Hell, I'd kill off Eric before I'd kill off Brady. Sami losing her twin could be impactful. I just love Eric Martsolf too much (especially since he found someone he works so well with in ED).
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