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Queen of Texas

Apr 6 2013, 02:29 PM
Since ALL of Sami's weddings have ended in disaster, I can not see this one being any different. So Ej destroyed Lumi I would like to see Lucas destroy his wedding. After all, turnabout is fair play. And it would be far more entertaining then to always see Sami smelling like a rose. And Lucas I am sure could find out enough dirt on something to destroy a wedding that isn't even in the spoilers.
Ways to destroy the wedding...

1. Cameron is paying off someone who knows Nicole's baby is alive. Nicole and baby show up at the wedding.

2. Someone objects to the wedding

3. Someone comes forth with proof that Sami's divorce from Raff was never actually finalized

4. Fire breaks out as the wedding starts

5. Brian shoots ejerk....hey lots of folks have shot him, why not Brian

6. Vargas takes the entire wedding party hostage

7. Ejerk faints at the altar and is rushed to the hospital. He goes into a coma and dies.

8. Susan shows up and stops the wedding.

9. Nick blackmails ejerk to stop the wedding

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