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camera shy

Apr 6 2013, 03:49 PM
If I could choose 2 characters to leave Salem, it would be Sami and Daniel.

Daniel Jonas has burned through so many women I am thoroughly burned out of seeing him in any kind of romantic pairing. Rafe on the other hand hasn't so I am more open to seeing him in a love story. Also I would like to see either Craig Wesley or Mike Horton come back to Salem as doctors so either could replace Dr. Jonas (I would love to see Mike and Lucas really explore their brotherly connection). I also wouldn't mind seeing Bill Horton come back as chief of staff.

As for Sami her leaving the Days canvas would open up SO many opportunities for new and fresh story lines. She has had so many romantic entanglements be the front-burner on Days I am to the point where I could care less who she is with. And I used to be a die-hard Lumi fan. If she were killed off it would be interesting to see EJ struggle with being a single parent, and likewise for Lucas. I realize this would be unpopular with the Ejami, Safe, and remaining Lumi fans, but it's just my own opinion as to which departing character would have the biggest impact. Daniel's departure wouldn't but I'm so :flipoff: at him because of Fetch I have this unhealthy desire to see him take a long walk off a short pier.
You know, I think NBC thinks so highly of AS that if she decided to leave Days, they would cancel the show thinking they've lost the reason why most viewers watch.
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