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Apr 6 2013, 04:27 PM
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I'm kinda hoping that during the EJami proposal (or the very likely to happen wedding) we get to see a little montage between both of them saying 'I love you'. You know, something that would include he raping her, she shooting him in the head, a couple of their physical fights, their black wedding.. (No offense to Ejami-fans though, I'm happy for you.)
No offense taken here. Many of my favorite EJami montages include scenes of those dark times. It's what makes the place of love they've reached now more special. It's all part of their story.
Darn, this means I have to buy a gun and shoot my husband in the head so our love will be more special.......
Well, that's part of what made ​​this couple so popular right their (shaky history). quite frankly, one can see that despite all the bad stuff they can not quit each other and their passion for each other shines like a red thread through their history. Personally, I think they are one of the most entertaining couple on this show because I can see that their relationship can contain all the elements that makes them interesting they can love as hard as hating :)
No, to me it just means that it makes no sense, but the writers are going to write for two actors who seem to work well together, so they'll make it work. I know it does a lot for some knickers, but not for mine. :shrug: I just found that comment, after all the violence, a little.....I don't know. I don't think I've ever rooted for a couple who was written like that. Even Ejole........after a while, i was sick of that behavior, no matter how much I like Ari and Scott together. It makes no sense to me. Even with everything Steve originally did to Kayla to get back at Bo (or whatever), it was never anything like this. The statement about overcoming all this meant their love was real............I cannot fathom anyone secretly loving someone so much that they'd put a bullet in his head. That's not the kind of love I watch for.
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