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I don't think they should get rid of anyone; just move some people onto the back burner and bring some forward.
So much story can come from getting rid of main characters because their absences affect the canvas in a real way. Some reshuffling would be nice, too, but it's way past time for someone in this main group to lose a spouse/significant other (and Madison doesn't count, lol). Of course the pairings have been so weak in that group that I guess that kind of story really wouldn't be as good as it's been in the past.
Yeah, the only way I think that kind of thing would be successful is if it was with someone like caustin, or even shelle. Nobody in the thirties group has had a pairing that really drew in the majority of the fans. The only death that would really rock the canvas would be Sami, imo, since she's related to, romantically linked to, or enemies with 99% of the town
I actually think Brady's death would affect the most people, but it would lack some of the extra emotional beats that one of the characters with children would have. The fact that they don't have the kind of characters and pairings that make that kind of story work so well is a major example of the problem this show has had with writing, IMO. Rafe and Daniel have been on the canvas about as long as Steve was when he was killed off, and I can't imagine either of their deaths being anywhere near the story Steve's was.
DAYS needs what GH got, they need an adrenaline shot in the arm. They need to get rid of the excess fat that no one gives a shit about, write character driven stories and focus on the family aspect. They really I want them to kill off Brady, is to have John just get numb while Marlena goes dark, because she feels like she failed him. She failed her own promise to Isabella to look after John and Brady, she failed her promise to Brady to protect him and she failed John. It's not her fault, of course, but let those feelings be the driving force behind J&M really going after Stefano and Kristen (who either directly or indirectly were responsible). They have Victor on their side (Victor has been on J&M's side since the early 90s, he cares for them even when they despise the things he does), which gives a nice little villain vs villain aspect, powerful families against each other.
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