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Apr 6 2013, 06:04 PM
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Monday, April 8

Victor is intrigued by a mysterious phone call.

DVR Alert: Sy tells Victor he has information about Brady and Kristen.

Tuesday, April 9

Nancy unwittingly prevents Daniel from discovering Chloe’s secret.

DVR Alert: A suspicious Daniel seeks help from Rafe, who reports back to him with stunning information.

Wednesday, April 10

Kate pressures Gabi to sign papers giving Will certain rights to the baby, but Nick arrives in time to stop her.

DVR Alert: Rafe shows up and is furious about Kate’s stunt.

Thursday, April 11

Daniel tells Chloe he knows she used Parker to blackmail Jennifer into breaking up with him.

DVR Alert: A cornered Chloe makes a stunning threat.

Friday, April 12

Daniel makes an emotional plea to Chloe, hoping to get through to her.

DVR Alert: EJ hints that a marriage proposal may be in Sami's near future.
Oh, brother--I can just see Daniel making his "emotional plea," complete with breathy delivery and constipated expressions. And of course, Chloe Magdalene will experience a Road to Damascus moment and see The Error of Her Ways, and fall contrite to her knees before Dr. Jesus Jonas. (Maybe she'll even wash his feet and dry them with her hair as an additional sign of her penitence). I wouldn't put it past Tomsell to have her decide she's unworthy and give up Parker to the sainted Fetch to raise. (I do hope I'm wrong about the last part--Parker should leave town with his mother--but the heavy-handed character destruction has me fearing the worst, and I'm not even a big Chloe fan. But she, along with the other characters sacrificed on Fetch's altar, deserved better.)
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