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Apr 6 2013, 09:41 PM
Apr 6 2013, 09:37 PM
A typo, rfsexton meant Allie and Johnny. The twins were revealed to be Lucas' children and that the stem cells would not save Stefano. That's why Benji was murdered. The show retconned the paternity, they can restore it to it's original script.
Allie is already Lucas' and :ermm: Bengie was killed BEFORE the twins were born and given there was only one test done when they were actually born, that is the original script.
Because paternity tests are so ironclad in Salem? Heck, picture the answering machine at the clinic:

"Welcome to Salem Hospital. Please listen carefully to the following options:

If you are looking to alter a paternity test - press one
If you previously altered a paternity test and want to change it back to the original results-press two
If you were previously declared deceased and have miraculously come back to life press three
If you are a staff member unable to come to work - press nothing. No one works here
If you are a Horton and applying for an undeserved position - press four
If you are a patient of Dr. Jonas' who has also slept with him - press five
If you donated eggs and are curious if they were used without your permission - press six
If you wish to hear Dr. Cameron's remaining show times press seven
If you believe you are pregnant and not Sami Brady please hang up and leave town."
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