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Realistic. The level-headed woman always goes with the boring, straight-laced, lame "nice guy" for the long haul.
but with Frisco, she would have had passion.

How do you know she has no passion with Mac? I really dislike the idea that just because a man is stable, he is boring and therefore the lesser man.

I have a feeling Mac and Felicia could bring the passion and hot if the writers ever bothered writing for them! I think John York would have no issue rocking a storyline if Mac was given one. The fact that Mac is generally in the background and ignored by the writers doesn't mean he has no personality.

he made a public spectacle out of Frisco.

I'll agree Mac should have left the personal stuff out of his stupid act. However, after Frisco basically said Felicia should chose him because he was filet mignon compared to cold fish Mac - I can hardly blame Mac. Frisco should be grateful and respectful about the fact that Mac raised his damn kids. He should never be talking smack of any kind about Mac.

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