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Viewing Single Post From: Thursday, April 4th Daily Discussion

Apr 4 2013, 04:03 PM
I watched the show and frankly from the way people were criticizing Lucas' yelling I was prepared to receive an over abundance of it....but was surprised by how quickly he toned it down.

Let's be realistic here folks....Lucas' yelling is completely, COMPLETELY justified and it didn't overpower the scene at all....he started with a text from Sami with the DImansion address.....on his way home from being out of town with Allie. He gets there and is pissed, yells....seriously....how is he to react?....when Sami and him began the discussion, he calmed down and maybe he wouldn't have been so pissed if she had an ounce of respect for him and discussed her moving Allie to the Dimansion before it happened. When he finally heard the entire story and while she was talking about it he was calm...and I would say he was pretty calm after she stopped him from leaving.....

The scenes were good...and I still say that Lucas will ALWAYS be Sami's best option....he brings out the best in her.

However....I felt the Ejami fight was rather fake and forced...it came off way too 'acted' to me....as if they were trying to play it up before the make out session and it just didn't play well at all. They yelled more than Lucas did IMHO. I just feel they didn't even have a good reason to fight, the way Ej has been acting lately, he could have just said....'you make sure he doesn't say anything'....and that would have been the end of it...the playing up of it felt totally OTT for no real reason....especially when Ej has to realize that Sami has opened her mouth and screwed up plans just as many times as Lucas has. .

Dannifer...not worth speaking about any longer

Cameron/Abby....I don't know what it is but Cam has to stay half naked more often...I like him this way...yeah superficial me...but I"m not the only one liking this...I also like Chad/Abby's interaction too....if they continue to play this up and build the triangle here, I might like it.
I agee with your assessment of the Sami/Lucas and Sami/Ej scenes.The Sani/EJ scenes reminded me of the cross talking Jennifer/Daniel scenes .I have been holding back but I just can't any longer.I hope I have seen the last of Sami's dress.It makes her butt look big and wobbly.Almost every time she wears a horrible outfit(like the leather pants),the day lasts forever.I thought it was stupid for EJ to carry her to their room for sex and have her emerge from the room wearing that same dress but to have her wear the dress for over a week is ridiculous.If she is going to wear an outfit for a week or more,the least the show can do is make sure it is flattering to her.
As to Abby,I like her with Cameron as a lover not Chad.I just cannot get past him basically dropping her for Melanie and holding a grudge against Gabi because of Melanie.
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