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Implode Sami and Ejerk's Wedding with one of the following ideas

*Nicole's baby is alive. Cameron is paying off a thug who knows this. Nicole ends up getting her baby back and brings him to the wedding.

*Susan shows up and stops the wedding.

*Sami or Ejerk some how get hit with a falling object and get knocked out. They come to but have amnesia.

*Kristen does something to stop the wedding as part of her revenge on John and Marlena and to pay Ejerk back because Sterfano favors him over her.

*Tornado hits and wedding can not continue. Sami takes this as a sign she and Ejerk are not meant to be.

*During wedding it is revealed that Ejerk paid to have Sydney and Johnny's paternity tests changed and they are BOTH Lucas' children.

*The wedding becomes a hostage situtation when one of Ejerk's former lovers shows up angry at him.

*Sami and Rafe's divorce was not final due to misfiled paperwork.

*Vargas goes after Ejerk during the wedding.

*Kristian becomes totally unhinged and she shoot Ejerk to protect him from Sami.

*Eva's ghost appears during the ceremony and accuses Ejerk of killing her.

*During the wedding someone comes in and announces they have ironclad proof that Ejerk stole the money from John and shows the proof. Since it ended up with so many people nearly getting shot Sami freaks out and due to proof Ejerk is hauled off in handcuffs.
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