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Apr 6 2013, 09:19 PM
Apr 6 2013, 03:31 AM
I think John York has aged way better than Jack Wagner and is sexy as hell for his age. The problem is that Mac seems boring because he's always Mr. do the right thing, there are no gray areas to make him seem complex like Frisco. There is no way that Maxie could have ever confided in him about the pregnancy, whereas Frisco has kept her secret and finally came through for her when it came to handling the Britch. Doesn't matter though it's too little too late, Felicia should definitely pick Mac. He's hot, he's been a good father to her children and has shown her time and again that he loves her unconditionally.
It's not about looks. Just give him some human edge, like you said, and I'll be fine with Felicia picking him.
But that ventriloquist act at the Nurses Ball was BEYOND THE PALE. He should have been there to support AIDS research, but instead, he made a public spectacle out of Frisco.
He was the smaller man for doing so.
He pissed me off for doing so.
It was the MOST passive aggressive dig I've ever seen a man give to "out-do" a man on soaps.
What a coward!
He has a long way to go to redeem himself for me. But if he can do it, then I'll side with you. As you pointed out, he has been a good father figure. And that does count for something.
Still, a LONG way to go.
Seriously, you think a stupid act that is obviously coming from being hurt badly emotionally is a more important issue than raising their kids? He could never EVER be the smaller man, because he raised those girls! Frisco owes this man more than he could ever repay. He's been a disrespectful and self centered ass. I don't care what he was like on this show 25 years ago. He's a self centered dick now!

Honestly, I don't see why anyone should think that they should have a choice. Felicia's character is so self involved herself, it's pathetic. I would never allow another woman to come into my heart. I stood by my girlfriend through breast cancer, the bond of standing together, of supporting each other, there is no way I would let anyone else anywhere close to my heart and if I was attracted to someone I would not spend time with them. My ex-wife and I had a very romantic courtship, I proposed to her atop the Eifel Tower, I knew her since I was child and was her friend for many years. But she doesn't have the emotional maturity my girlfriend does and she cheated on me and never showed care for how it hurt me. And I realized that I'm so much more connected with this woman who is my best friend, a woman who is very serious and very mindful, than I ever was with my ex-wife, no matter what kind of passionate adventures we once had when we were young.

I swear, these kinds of characters are self-centered train wrecks. Hopefully Felicia will wise up or get off the show.
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