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Apr 7 2013, 11:48 PM
Apr 7 2013, 09:40 PM
Apr 7 2013, 05:45 PM
Yeppers. The whole "He's so amazing and wonderful that Jennifer is the only one perfect enough to deserve him" angle is grating and tiresome. Personally I prefer characters with acknowledged flaws. I admit that I am someone who tends to root for underdogs and antiheroes, but I don't automatically dislike the good guy. Except when the good guy is hypocritical and condescending and can only be raised up to white hat status by putting and bringing everyone else around him down. If taking a character like Chloe Lane, who by most accounts started out as a likable, rootable character, and placing her under the heel of Fetch is necessary to make them the heroes of their story, then perhaps they need to rethink the term "hero". Bringing Nadia back like this was a terrible mistake. First of all, most folks were pretty unhappy with the way her last run ended, and to bring her back just to further trash her character, I think shows pretty poor judgement and a complete disregard for the audience. Second, it's impossible to not be reminded that she was driven off the show right as Fetch were getting started. And it's damn impossible not to be reminded that it was the shitty way that Daniel treated her that led to her being brought low. Without her presence, maybe... I don't know. But with her beautiful face onscreen, all I can think about is what a complete and utter dickass Daniel is. And to hear all the ladies of Salem venerating him and talking about how "someone like me doesn't deserve a guy as great as Daniel" just really pisses me off. Every single one of those women deserves someone a hell of a lot better. Jennifer can have him. I just wish they didn't have to trash everyone else around them to make them interesting. Especially since it isn't working. At. All.
For you the issue is Chloe, and I agree she's been treated very shabbily by both incarnations of this regime. MarDar at least tried to give her some dignity back when they wrote her, even if she exited under their pens. But for me, the issue is--not exclusively, but still significantly--Jack. I can't get past that he died solely to facilitate this repulsive redux pairing. Fetch 2.0 was erected on his body, blood, and sacrifice. I can't look at Jennifer without seeing the bitch who verbally and emotionally abused him while he was struggling with PTSD and turned her back when his life was literally hanging in the balance. She let go of the elevator doors. She let him fall. She let him die. His life was in her hands and she dropped it. Probably not out of malice, though the speed with which she hurled herself back into Daniel's life makes me wonder if she secretly wanted to be a free agent again. But if you truly love someone, how can you justify being so damn careless and thoughtless when that person's survival is on the line?

Granted, in my personal head canon, Jack isn't really dead, but amnesiac and leading a new life under another identity. And oh, boy, would I ever love for it to be revealed that he blocked out his previous life because of the trauma he suffered when Jennifer failed him during the DAYSaster! But whatever Jack's ultimate fate, I could never support a pairing in which other, beloved characters had to die in order for it to happen. The glaring lack of chemistry, history, and substance between Fetch is almost beside the point, though it certainly doesn't help their cause, which is pretty damn hopeless in my opinion.
Oh no, I take issue with the way Jack was treated too. The way Jennifer was written throughout that entire story was utterly reprehensible. It's just that Chloe is on my screen right now. I'm not even really a fan of Chloe or of Nadia, although she seems like a nice lady and I have a lot of respect for her decision not to stick around. I just think that it is pathetic that they can't write this for this supposed true love couple without throwing somebody under the bus.

Good points all. I'm not a huge Chloe fan either, but her presence on and history with the show are far more established than Daniel's--and didn't require twisting the laws of reproductive science, either. The core audience watched her grow up, and she was part of two popular pairings before Dr. Douche came along. So Tomsell's trashing her repeatedly for his benefit? Not going to go over well. NB was very smart not to stay beyond this short stint. This regime wasn't about to do her character any favors, and the damage done in three months is still pretty severe, though not, I feel, irreparable. I'm going to hope that, somewhere down the road, Tomsell gets the boot. And if Fetch turns out to be the rope that hangs them, my schadenfreude will know no bounds.
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