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Didn't like the show as much today as Friday. Man, that was SO anti-climatic with Frisco getting dumped and Felicia's lack-of-chemistry proposal to Mac. Couldn't they at least have her run after Frisco for one last good-bye. Goodness, Frisco, forget the ring and bring on a new rendition of "Lady of My Heart".

Anyway, liked Magic Milo and the guys. Had a laugh. Richard Simmons was CRAZY and fun. Loved Anna and Duke.

O.K. - the act with Sabrina pushed me to the "her-relationship-with-Patrick-is-CREEPY" point with ya'll. I wasn't there until she showed up today for the act with Emma dressed as a little girl. That's weird. I don't want to see Patrick with a Mary-Jane-wearing, girl with pigtails. What was the point of that? Interesting choice there, writers, when there's obviously already an underlying issue with their relationship.
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