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Sabrina dress is GORGEOUS,if I were Joan Rivers I would say Best Dreased.

Uh wasn't Sean supposed to off Brenda at one point,hench his entrance on the show.
Sabrina dress is gorgeous, but the constant propping isn't doing her any favors.
I don't mind Sabrina, but they seriously need to chill on the "oh she's sooo wonderful" talk we are hearing from everyone over her. It's too much.
I don't dislike Sabrina either, but I don't care for all that constant propping of her. I understand that Patrick will eventually have to move on from Robin, but to me Sabrina and him do not fit together at all. They have this brother and sister vibe, she was his babysitters, and acts rather childish. I would have rather he moved on with Elizabeth, she seem more his type then someone like Sabrina. Also, it kind of hard to accept Pabrina when you know that Robin is being held captive and doing everything possible to return to Patrick and Emma. The nurses ball turn out to be less about honoring Robin and the Aids foundation to be about Pabrina and all that other nonsense that was included. If anybody wants to talk about first kiss, Scrubs had it in space and then some. I did like today episode, I was laughing and nearly swoon listening to Rick Springfield singing Jesse girls.

Parick and Robin first kiss

You bring up a good point, I'm having a hard time with Patrick being with someone else for the mere fact that we know that Robin is not really dead. That's why I sort of wish that they hadn't shown us her alive. I don't expect Patrick to stay single forever and Robin has been "dead" for over a year, so it's understandable that he wants to move on, but .... Robin isn't dead!! That clip you posted makes me miss Scrubs together. I'd forgotten what an arrogant jerk Patrick was back then. I'd say he's changed for the better.
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