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Felicia, when Mac said, "I didn't have to choose - you were it," did you not realize that was a dig at you? And then you, dumb blonde stereotype that you are, didn't get it, and said, "The same thing goes for me when it comes to you."
No, sugar. You had to choose. You literally fell in love with two men and had to choose. She's DENSE.

Worst Father of the Year Award goes to Frisco.
"There's nothing left for me here," he says, right in front of Maxie. That is unforgivable. You BASTARD.

Oh, heeeeeeeeeell no. (Can you tell I'm watching live?) Spinelli got to dance with Maksim during the Magic Milo dance and Felix didn't, when he was itching to dance with Maksim all this time?
Maksim had a good excuse for the boy-girl dance, but to get snubbed for Spinelli?! Felix needs to go off on them.

That aside, the skit went too far, I thought. Kept wondering whether my hospital would allow pelvic thrusts and don't think they would. It's just too risque for a hospital fundraiser. (Yes, it was eye candy for a daytime soap, though.)

Whoa... psycho Richard Simmons was way over the top. But very entertaining!

Very confused by the Rick Springfield performance. How do they know Dr. Drake's not pulling one over on them and just acting like Rick Springfrield if they all know they're look-alikes?

Watching Sabrina dance around and sing with Emma reminded me so much of a stepmother having a good time with her stepdaughter. They are SO cute together.
THIS is what Patrick sees in Sabrina, everyone. ;)
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