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The Scorpion
Apr 9 2013, 07:41 AM
Apr 9 2013, 07:28 AM
It's almost over for now......then we get Jack Jr who could be the next bump in the Road To Fate for Dannifer......ALTHOUGH, Jack Jr has legit reasons to be pissed. His dad died in a ridiculous fashion, his mom moved on in a snap and he's seemed like an afterthought for years. I hope he comes back with a shitload of questions and figures out exactly what happened that caused his fathers death. It's probably too much to ask that he also figures out everyone shut the elevator door on Jack, but I'm welcoming the return of Jack Jr with open arms because I'm betting he will be the voice of all us Dannifer haters. But I swear to GOD, if he ever one day calls Daniel "dad", I'm driving to NBC studios and I'll pick any of you up on the way.
lol, I see what you mean, I don't know if I think it's so good that JJ comes to Salem for how you twist and turn it, so this means more storylines for Dannifer and seriously I've seen enough of Dannifer crap, :) and because they're on 24/7 I'm starting to lose interest in the show.
Lol.....I know the feeling! The sad thing is until we get word that Dannifer have been let go from the show (which obviously just isn't gonna happen anytime soon), and we HAVE to see them on our screens, I'd assume JJ be a total douche to them. He actually has a right to be however be wants to be so I'm praying his a total jackwad so I can finally enjoy Dannifer.......tortured and verbally abused by Jennifer's son. Lol. That will get old and I'll end up pressing the FF button like I usually do with them. But I'll welcome it for a moment. :)
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