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Segment 1: Dan has a dream that he had a nightmare. Jen is in bed with him and assures him that it was a bad dream and their love is real. He wakes up. Knock knock. He ignores it but Chloe calls out for him. Chloe keeps knocking and calling out for him so he gets off the couch and answers the door. Chloe apologises for waking him; she has a surprise for him. Dan hugs Parker. Nancy gets off the elevator. Dan asks Parker - How was New York City. Chloe is sure they'll have lots of time to talk about that. Nancy agrees. Dan tells Nancy he put some of her things on the table so it shouldn't take long to pack. Nancy still doesn't understand why Chloe had to move out. Dan - That's okay. Chloe knows so she can explain. Nancy - After everything ... how are you?

Abe is with Nicole in the rectory surprised to hear that Vargas fixed the radiator. Abe comments that there's not a thing in his file that says he's good with tools. Nicole - You can still give him a good evaluation, right? Abe is just following up for the Outreach program. No evaluation, just what he's doing. Does he have a job, things like that. Vargas listens as Nicole informs Abe that Vargas was hired by the parish as a handyman. Abe - Seems like he's doing fine. Nicole - You don't sound convinced. Abe - I'm just gathering facts. I am curious though, how are you handling being around the hardcore ex-con?

Brady ends a call just as Kristen walks into the DiMera living room. They discuss Brady's one-track mind (Sex all the time). It's one of the things Kristen likes about him. Brady tells her he was talking to Dr. Ellis. The results of his MRI came in and apparently he's fine; no residual damage from the mugging. Kristen recalls giving Sy another $5000. Kristen thinks that is great news. They should celebrate. The doorbell rings. Kristen opens the door to Hope. Kristen greets her - Hi, what are you doing here? Hope - I have some great news. We may have caught one of the muggers who put Brady in the hospital.

Jen does stretches getting ready to go for a run. She opens the door to find a very happy Lucas there. There she is the woman of the hour; the woman of the year. I can't believe it. I'm so happy. He hugs her. You did it! You got the message and you dumped Daniel. You've got to be feeling fantastic about yourself, right?

Segment 2: Hope walks into the foyer. Is Brady here? Kristen - How'd you find the guy? Hope - Last night there was a mugger near the location you two were attacked and we practically caught the guy in the act. Kristen - What's the guy's name? Hope - I'm not promising anything but when we started asking questions about previous muggings he got really desperate. Kristen - Being desperate doesn't necessarily mean he did it, right? Hope - He fits the general description of one of the guys who attacked Brady which is why I'm here. I'd like the 2 of you to come down to the station and take a look. Brady - Let's do it. Hope - Great! I was beginning to think you weren't here. Brady - No, I'm here and I want to see this guy get what's coming to him. He's going to have a heart attack when he sees us walk in. Kristen smiles and nods.

Nicole - That's a weird question since you know I'm an ex-con too. Abe - What I meant was Vargas did 10 hard years. Nicole - Where was I? A country club? Abe - You know what I was saying but if you don't want to talk about it ... Nicole - No, it's fine. When Eric first mentioned this outreach problem I was like, no way - have dangerous men living in extra rooms here ... give me a break. Abe - Trouble does seem to follow ex-cons. Nicole - But Vargas is doing great. Eric was right and I was wrong as usual. Vargas wants to put the past in the past and keep it there. I think he really wants to make something of himself. Abe - So how's that going? Nicole - Great. Let me go get him so you can see for yourself.

Vcitor comes into the mansion - Maggie, I need to see you right now. She's in the living room. What happened? I go away for one night and everything comes tumbling down like Jericho. What's going on with Daniel? What the hell did that woman do to him?

Dan tells Nancy he's fine. He plays with Parker. Nancy - We need to talk about the elephant in the room. I don't know everything that went on. Chloe did have to tell me why I had to bring Parker back ASAP. This thing with you and Jennifer, it's just, well I have to tell you ... I have had a lot of run-ins with the Horton family myself and though they'd like to make you believe that butter wouldn't melt in their mouth ... Jennifer is no saint. She's a Horton and she would do the same thing. Dan is going to take Parker out so he won't be in the way when they pack. Thank you for bringing Parker home. He comments that if Chloe stays to help Nancy maybe the both of them will be gone by the time he and Parker get back. Dan goes to change. Nancy pulls Chloe aside. He's in some kind of a mood! Chloe - Yeah but he'll get over it and he'll get over her and I will be here with our son. Nancy - If Jennifer says one word Daniel will never forgive you. Using Parker as blackmail! Chloe - Jennifer won't say a word. She knows the consequences.

Lucas brings in two cups into the living room. This calls for a toast. It should be champagne right now but I'm in AA and it's early. He hands her a cup. Here's to you making the smartest decision of your life. Jen doesn't drink. Lucas - I'm not going to tell you I told you so; I wouldn't do that but I am the one who told you from the very beginning he was all wrong for you, remember? Jen nods yes. Lucas - The guys a user and a taker. You don't need that Jennifer. You don't. Look you know it's kind of weird, Sami did this 180 on me actually ... maybe you don't want to hear about Sami right now and that's fine. My point is Rafe is a great guy, he's available and I was thinking maybe I can set you guys up on a date. Jen - Really Lucas! Lucas - It's too soon, isn't it? I understand. Sometimes when you do the right thing it still hurts but you did it! You cut Daniel Jonas to the bone and you left him to bleed on the street. He clinks his cup against hers and she drops it on the rug.

Segment 3: Maggie - How Jennifer could treat Daniel like that ... how she could say the things she said ... oh God! She can't get past Jack, that's one thing but to hurt the man who loves her! It was so viscious. It was so wrong. Victor - It was and you know who's partly to blame ... me! I encouraged him every chance I got. I stood right here in this room and I told him he could trust that bitch ... she would make him so happy. Unbelievable! What the hell is wrong with that woman! Maggie - She says she can't get past her love for Jack. Vic - Well she should have told him that on day one. He gave her all the time and space she needed and how does she repay him? She leads him on and then dumps him like so much garbage. Maggie cries as Vic continues ranting. It's a good thing it was you that went over and gave her what's for. If it was me ... He goes to Maggie. I'm sorry. He's your son, his heart is broken, so is yours. He holds her as she cries.

Lucas - I'm sorry. I guess this hit you a little harder than I thought. Jen - It's like you said. Sometimes when you do the right thing it still hurts. Lucas - You're going to be okay though, right? Jen - Of course! Lucas - Because we're strong okay and I've been down the same road myself many times but you did really good. It's not like Daniel Jonas was the real thing anyway, right? He holds up Jack's picture to Jen. Jen - I think I was just fooling myself into thinking that we had a chance. Reality is not always what you want it to be, huh? Lucas - No kidding but you got wise sooner than later. Now you don't have to deal with that piece of ... Jen - Can we just not do the whole bashing Daniel because I was cruel to him. I was more than cruel. He's not a bad man, he's just the wrong man for me. Lucas - I don't want to argue right now. I think he's a bad man ... whatever. Why don't you forget your run and we'll catch a movie or something. Jen - That's really sweet but I have a million things to do today and I really, really need to run just to clear my head. Lucas - Are you sure you're going to be okay? Jen - Yes, I'm okay. I'm going to be fine besides I know much you care about me and how much you love me. Lucas - And you know I'm happy as hell right? Jen - Yes I know that too.

Nancy is pulling stuff out of her purse and putting it down on the desk - I know I have aspirin in here somewhere. Chloe finds some in her purse and hands it over. Nancy - My purse is such a mess. Chloe apologises for making her rush back like this. I know that Brazil's a long trip. Nancy - It's okay. I'm not sure we could have kept pretending we were still in New York. Chloe - I know. Parker's becoming more and more talkative. Nancy - Are you sure Jennifer's not going to say anything. One word from her ... Chloe - She's not going to say anything, trust me. If you'd heard some of the things she said to him at the hospital ... she's committed and so am I. Nancy - Where are you going now? Chloe - I think it would be good to spend some time with my son and his daddy. Nancy - No! Daniel said he wants to spend some alone time with Parker. Chloe - Yeah well 2's company and 3's family.

Dan and Parker are sitting on a bench in the square playing a game on the i-Pad.

Hope is on the phone. When she ends her call she asks Brady and Kristen if they're all set. They are. Hope - Hopefully you'll both make a positive ID and we'll have it signed, sealed and delivered by noon. I'll see you both down at the station. She leaves. Kristen tells Brady she'll meet him there as she has to make a stop at the office. Brady will drop her there - he cites construction zones as the reason - traffic's a nightmare. He wants them at the station together.

Segment 4: Abe is now talking to Vargas. Yes Vargas knows Fr Eric will be back later in the week, Thursday he thinks. Nicole returns - I can't find ... oh there he is. Vargas - Mr. Carver just told me you were looking for me. Nicole - I'm glad you got to meet Abe. Abe - Me too. He seems to be doing fine here. Just in case there's a problem feel free to give me a call. He hands Vargas his card. Vargas - Thanks but I doubt anything will turn up. So far this is turning out to be a great place to get back on my feet. Abe has to get to a meeting. He leaves. Vargas - Nice guy, huh. Nicole - He's one of the good ones. Vargas has to get back to work on the hot water heater. Do you know if Fr Eric received the plans that EJ DiMera left for him? Nicole - I'm sorry. EJ was here? Vargas - Yeah, do you know him? Nicole - Know him! I was married to him twice.

Hope leaves her office and Kristen let's herself in and goes to her desk. She starts leafing through folders and other stuff. Hope walks in - What are you looking for on my desk? Kristen - I was so excited that maybe you caught the guy that hurt my Brady I couldn't contain myself. I was hoping I'd see a photo or mug shot. Kristen - A police detective's desk isn't fair game. Kristen apologises. Hope - The mug shot isn't here yet. Why don't we wait for Brady.

Victor apologises for blowing up. The last thing you need is to deal with one of my long winded tirades. Maggie - It was just so hard. What I saw wasn't Jennifer. It wasn't the woman I've known all these years. I mean, the cruelty was so unlike her ... is it possible that I never knew her. Could I have been that wrong? Vic - What we need to do now is concentrate on Daniel, make sure he knows we're here for him for anything at any time. Maggie says he's right. Vic - Never forget that I'm here for you too. I hate seeing you like this. I just wish there was something I could do. Maggie - Hold me - more crying.

Chloe shows up. Dan - What are you doing here? Chloe hopes she's not intruding on boy time. I wanted to say that I know that I've made a lot of mistakes, big ones but the one time I did the right thing was when I found out Parker was your son and I brought him here to Salem to be with you so our family could be complete. Dan asks her to sit down. Jen is jogging through the square when she sees the 3 of them together.

Segment 5: Jen watches them for a moment then leaves. Dan realises he left his phone at the apt. He's going to go and get it. Chloe - This is fun, right? Dan leaves. Chloe mutters - Yeah, this is going to take some time.

Vargas - Twice! You married that guy twice. Nicole - It happens and it's ancient history. Vargas - Okay but that guy. Oh come on, you've got to know what kind of weight the DiMera family name carries in Statesville. It's sort of what he carries here. Nicole - You're lucky I'm not going to tell Fr Eric you said that. I'm sorry I snapped. It's just that everyone in town knows about EJ and I and our drama and what an idiot I was, he was. I'm not used to getting into it. Vargas - I guess when you were doing your drama I was otherwise engaged. Nicole - Sorry. Vargas - Can I ask you a question, no offence taken ... about marrying the same guy twice. So you get married, things turn sour and you get divorced ... Nicole - And then I get married again. I know, I sound like a wacko but then it made sense to me. But looking back now ... not so much. You know the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. That's me. Feel free to call me insane anytime. Vargas - You seem pretty sane to me. Nicole - You've asked me so many questions how about I ask you one. How come you're so easy to talk to?

Hope - One reason we think this guy is one of the perps is because when we asked him about last November he got really nervous, sweating bullets actually. Kristen - But he didn't admit to anything, did he? Hope - Not yet but he has no alibi for the night of the mugging. A uniformed officer brings in the folder on the guy complete with mug shot. Hope tells Kristen to sit down and take a look. It's not Sy. Kristen - He's one of the guys who mugged me and put Brady in the hospital. Hope - You're sure about that? Kristen - It's been a while. I think so, definitely, he's one of them.

Segment 6: Kristen - The more I look at him the more sure I am that that's the guy. Hope - Take your time. Really look at his face. Kristen - I'm positive it's him. Brady finally comes in. Kristen - Look at this. Isn't this great. Hope found one of the muggers. Hope - Have you ever seen him before? Brady - No, never. Hope - This isn't the guy who attacked you? One of them? Brady - No. Kristen - Honey, you didn't see him because he hit you from behind. I saw him, you didn't. Hope - Wait a second, in your statement you said you never got a good look at either one of them. Kristen - Did I really? I was probably in shock or something. I'm sorry. I guess it was worth a shot. She asks Brady to take her to the office. Hope - Wait a second. We just had a major update on our mug books last week. Since you're here why don't you take a look. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky. Brady - Sure.

Sy counts his money. Cue f/b of getting it from Kristen. It's not nearly enough.

Vargas - You think I'm easy to talk to? Nicole - You don't think you are. Vargas - I guess that's what happens when you live in the same place for 10 years. You've got nothing much to do except talk and listen. Nicole - I'm sorry. Vargas - No need. You've probably heard a zillion prison sob stories. None of them are ever guilty, right? Nicole - Of course not. Wait a minute, is that what you think I did? I gave you some marriage sob story. Vargas - It sounded like you were being honest. I don't take you for the kind who's all about self-pity. Some people like to sit around and whine about how lousy their lives are and some of them like to get up and go after it, like you. Nicole - Yeah, I don't think I'm the get up and go after it type, especially not right now otherwise I wouldn't be in this job. I'm just settling for whatever comes. Vargas - You're regrouping. You got burned and you stepped back. Now you're figuring out your next move. You're a smart girl Nicole. He's going to get back to work. I've got my own next move to figure out.

Jen is outside the pub talking to JJ. She thought she could come in for a day or so and they could go to dinner. No, I can completely understand. It was a last minute thing ... you go. I know you're busy. I'm busy too. I love you. I'm fine.

Dan returns and hears Nancy singing. He closes the door quietly and looks around for his phone. He happens to see Nancy's passport on the desk.

Segment 7: Sy makes a call. I've got to do it. I've got no choice. Yeah good morning. Look you don't know me but we need to talk.

Kristen thinks looking through these mug books is kind of a waste of time. Brady flips to another page. Nothing. Kristen declares this to be hopeless. Hope - You don't want to keep looking? Kristen - After a while they all start to look alike. Brady - Him! Brady is pointing to a picture of Sy. Cue another f/b by Kristen. Brady - That's one of the muggers. Hope - Are you sure? Brady - Yeah, I punched him in the face. Hope - Kristen, what about you? Recognise him?

Sy - Hello, are you there? Victor - Who is this? Sy - We can get to all that stuff when we meet. I've got some information I think you'll want to have. Vic - What kind of information? Sy - It's about your grandson Brady and that woman he's with, Kristen DiMera.

Jen is on her cell again. Hey, listen I really need to see you ... now.

Chloe asks Parker if he's happy to be back in Salem. His response - Brazil. Chloe suggests playing a game. Anytime anyone asks you where you went you say New York, you don't say Brazil. Say New York. That will be your special secret.

Dan picks up the passport and opens it.
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