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Lucas and Nancy's shower singing were the highlights for me today. I LOOOOOVE Kristen, especially in panic mode, but Jeebus, can we please GET ON WITH IT!!!! I want some sniff of a hint of what her masterplan is. ED, like AZ can carry just about any load of crap given her, but this is just getting boring. I'm glad Sy called Victor at the end too. Even though the closeness of Brady and Victor still seems a little weird to me, I like when Victor calls Brady out on his shit and I am hopeful that he will join forces with John and/or Marlena against Kristen and Stefano. That COULD be fun. As long as writers don't fuck it up like they do everything else.

I am pretty sure my theory that Maggie in an episode ruins the whole fucking episode definitely rings true today. WHY can Victor not have any balls? I mean, I kind of like that he trashed JenJen a bit, but it was still just weird. And Maggie sobbing after having to deal with JenJen sobbing yesterday was just OVERKILL! Why did no one cry like this when Jack DIED? Or even when ALice or anyone died? Ridiculous.

I still like Nicole and Vargas too. and it was REALLY nice to see Abe. But what "meeting" did he have to run off to? lol He doesn't have a job, does he? lol Nicole's dress was pretty fugly, though, I must say. But still...I love AZ/Nicole so I can forgive it lol
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