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Apr 9 2013, 02:06 PM
Very much against my will, I somehow feel sorry for Britt. With two world class psychos for parents, it's no wonder she turned out completely screwed up. Sometimes it seems like she has flickers of decent instincts and impulses, but they're drowned out by her own selfishness and the nefarious influences in her life. It seems like what Britt's mother is encouraging her to do now is exactly what she did when she got impregnated with Britt by Faison. That didn't work out so well for her, did it? Considering she was helping him as he hopelessly pursued Anna.

Starr dumped Michael pretty abruptly, didn't she? He deserved better than that. He helped her put her life back together and he gets dumped over the phone with no further explanation. Ick. No wonder he's going to wind up in bed with Brenda. Can't wait to see Carly tear her to pieces. Love that dramz.

Epiphany, Monica and Tracy made me laugh out loud. Great show, ladies.
I had a brief moment of feeling sorry for Britt too. No wonder she's so nasty and mean with two complete nutcases, who apparently never showed her any love, as parents. Though, seeing Dr. O dancing to Epiphany's number cracked me up. That and when Felix saw AJ and Liz kiss and said "get it girl" made me LOL.
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