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Apr 9 2013, 02:11 PM
Apr 9 2013, 02:02 PM
For the "Sabrina is the most propped character ever" crowd, I'm seeing clearly what you mean! With that being said, I almost lost a contact lens rolling my eyes when Sabrina broke out into song. Between this and crazy Britt, I want Robin to come back and rescue Emma and the viewers. ROBIN PLEASE COME HOME!!!

All in all, it was a good Nurse's Ball and I'm glad they revived it finally.
I see what the Sabrina propping crowd means, as well. She's always on, either with Felix, Liz and now Patrick. The PTB are trying to get the viewers to accept
her, but it's not working. It's long overdue Robin return, and reunite with her family. IDK why the PTB haven't invested more time in a return.
The reason they created Sabrina is because Kimberly McCullough isn't interested in coming back on a regular basis, so I can't hold that against Sabrina or the actress who portrays her. If KM wanted to be there, Robin would be there. As it stands, I'm fine to see Patrick move on and see where this story goes now that they've fleshed it out some more and given it some stakes. If and when Robin ever comes back, it will make everything even more interesting (I'm thinking of Billie/Bo/Hope on DAYS). But I don't want Patrick's romantic life and character development held hostage when that may not ever happen.
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