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Maggie was beyond annoying. Man I wish Victor would dump her already. He's so watered down it's embarrassing.

Pulling Nicole into Chloe, Daniel and Jennifer's story as Daniel and Jennifer's champion is so mind boggling idiotic. It's such surface writing without going into the range of emotions all this would really stir in Nicole. They just wanted to throw another character on the Dannifer train and to chastise big bad Chloe. How about these woman being allowed to have a true conversation here? Instead of burning the friendship by having Chloe being stubborn and Nicole being condescending take the opportunity to have these scenes mean something. This slop they are serving us is why these stories won't be remembered or ever reflected back on as hitting the heart of the character.

Hey are Rafe and Kate sleeping together? Would never know. Seems that's all they have to offer with these two since there is no story there. Oh wait Kate is going to pull out papers for Gabi to sign that will upset her bed bud, but then it will all smooth over and bam!, back in bed. Good story. :glare: I can't even begin to hope this will wrap up anytime soon. :shame:

Nice trying to use Rafe as a resource for Daniel, but we know Rafe isn't a cop anymore. He's just a clueless dude with a coffee cup who has a lot of time on his hands to check the thread count of his sheets.

The Kristen/Brady stuff was weak and dull to boot. It'd be nice if Hope would clue in, but she's just a pop-up gal. Roman? Why even bother? That was a waste of time for all involved.

Today's show was mind numbing boring.
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