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Apr 9 2013, 03:40 PM
Apr 9 2013, 03:24 PM
Apr 9 2013, 03:10 PM
She is most likely playing the "younger character that hasn't been mentioned in years" that about.com was talking about. Belle doesn't fit that.

I think Sarah got a mention pretty recently, so that should knock her out of the running.
Sarah has definitely been mentioned within the past few years, so that should disqualify her, if the about.com article isn't just exaggerating about the length of time since the character was last referenced. (In other words, the article implies that it has been "[many] years" since the character was last referenced, but technically, it could be referring to anything that happened more than two years ago...which really isn't that long ago.)
I thought the about.com article also indicated that that the two female characters being cast were connected to two prominent Salem families. Since one of the characters was Laura, i.e., a Horton, that suggested the younger female character must be connected to a different prominent family. So if Jen Lilley is playing the second character from the about.com spoiler, that would seem to rule her out as Sarah.

There are no known young female DiMeras or Kiriakises. There are a bunch of young female Bradys, but mot have been mentioned. Within the past two years, we have had mentions of Chelsea, Claire, and Belle in connection with Bo's departure. We also had a Cassie mention from Kate and a Stephanie mention from Kayla (when Chloe returned). So that pretty much leaves Jeannie as the only Brady who fits the spoiler. She was last mentioned by name at Shawn's funeral and Kim made a quick mention to "the children" being with their cousins in Salem when she returned for Alice's funeral in 2010. (Even that doesn't have to have been a reference to Jeannie and Andrew; Kim could have had kids with Phillip Collier.)

I raised Noelle in the earlier thread, because the Chandlers were definitely a prominent Salem family, but she doesn't really have any connections to the current cast.

I can't see Joy being brought in because she would be around JJ's age and Nancy and Chloe are leaving. A new Melanie would be a recast, arguably a Horton, and has been mentioned recently. And the only other character I can come up with is Arianna, but that depends on whether you consider the Hernandezes "prominent."
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