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Apr 9 2013, 02:20 PM
Hell, it's because of Ron & Frank that Robin's still alive in the first place! Guza & McCullough wanted to kill her off for good! It's only when Ron & Frank came on & that the story changed. I simply canNOT with the people slamming Ron from Robin not being on more. For the love of fuck, it was Kimberly's choice to fucking leave. Is he supposed to chain her ass to a set? smdh
Right on. The actress wants to be a director and she can't help it if there was a rewrite and they won't recast.

That's why I think Patrick and Sabrina will work. KM may never come back full time, which is why they're pumping up Patrina so much. We'll know Robin is alive, but Sabrina and Patrick are endgame.
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