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Apr 9 2013, 07:51 PM
Apr 9 2013, 02:20 PM
Hell, it's because of Ron & Frank that Robin's still alive in the first place! Guza & McCullough wanted to kill her off for good! It's only when Ron & Frank came on & that the story changed. I simply canNOT with the people slamming Ron from Robin not being on more. For the love of fuck, it was Kimberly's choice to fucking leave. Is he supposed to chain her ass to a set? smdh
I agree with what you're saying but I do think that when they took over the show most people thought that GH was going to be canceled and they probably figured they could get KMc to come back for the ending and have Patrick and Robin and Emma be together in the end. Now the problem is that the viewers know that Robin is alive and it makes it a lot harder to get invested in another coupling for Patrick. At least it does for me. The fact that I don't care for him paired with Sabrina also doesn't help but there isn't really much Ron & Frank can do at this point because like you said Kimberly is busy and she's not coming back anytime soon.
It does for me, too. But for the most part I've enjoyed the story because up until now it hasn't really been dependent on a pairing -- Britt vs. Sabrina was the real story, and Patrick being a passive part made sense with his grief.

I think they may have pushed things forward a little too fast with the Cinderella reveal -- it might have worked better to have Patrick suddenly appreciating Sabrina, and then have that crushed by Britt's announcement. But time will tell.
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