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Ironic that Breana isn't a housewife when really, technically, she's one of two who are actual housewives (Alexis is the other one I'd consider a housewife).

I'm not loving OC though. To me it's a study in how people try to use reality tv to build an image and respond to fan feedback. There's nothing about it that feels real, which I wouldn't care about if they were more entertaining characters like some of the Atlanta women are (imho). Hopefully it gets better.

Oh- and lost footage shows me that these editors suck. ITA that the Taylor/Adrienne conflict should have aired. It gave context to the Taylor drinking storyline they sort of did with Kim's "intervention." I also thought seeing Yolanda with her friend helped put her in context, particularly now that she's talking openly about her disease. I'd imagine it's terrifying to watch your friend fall apart and then feel something like that happening to you.

Plus, would have helped eliminate some of the Brandi/Adrienne stuff.

Also, Brandi's shoes- not such a gift seeing how they came into Yolanda's possession. Not the same, anyway.
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