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Apr 9 2013, 07:16 PM
I also love me some Patsy Pease and also Charles Shaughnessy. I'd love to have Jeannie come back to,Salem. She could be a love interest for JJ. Try are not related.
I don't agree at all. JJ is going to be a teen. Jeannie was born a few months after Stephanie, but before Brady and Abby.

Even more, Jeannie is nearly a complete blank slate. While she has a connection to Salem as a Brady, the writers could give her almost any back-story and career. Jeannie could be written in so many ways. You have to figure she and Andrew were raised with money, as both Shane and Phillip were wealthy. They probably went to top schools if Shane had any influence on their academics. But then they also could have been raised as rich, spoiled Hollywood brats (despite Shane's better qualities, he certainly spoiled Eve). And they could have mental issues given Kim's history of MPD. In terms of relationships, are they like their parents and build walls against relationships? Do they hide their emotions like Shane or are they open about them like psychologist Kim? There is so much room to work with Jeannie coming into Salem in her mid- to late-20s as someone who is already an adult and then filling in the backstory that making her another teen with virtually no life experience would really be a total waste.
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