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Alec pretty much sunk himself tonight.

Emmett & Jillian have been switching back and forth on Alec or Topaz leaving the past few days. With Andrew & Talla sticking with the get Alec out.

Anyways, Alec tried to get Andrew to vote Topaz out today and promised to go after Emmett & Jillian next week. Andrew didn't buy it and went straight up to Jillian & Emmett with what Alec said. Jillian & Emmett also told Andrew that Alec said he'd target Andrew to them. So, Alec's playing both sides was just made public.

Meanwhile, Topaz is really doing her best to get in with the girls. Talla & Topaz have been hanging out A LOT lately. Even Jillian has been hanging with Topaz today. I think it is pretty smart for Jillian to have a side deal with the two girls as a back up plan.
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