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Streetcorner Philosopher

Apr 9 2013, 10:25 PM
I love the OC because they're not trashy, violent, phony, wannabe fame whores. I think the OC girls are happy with their lives. I feel like ATL, Jersey, and BH girls are always looking for a Hollywood Limelight or are trying to climb a Hollywood ladder and be a celebrity...even though they have zero talent.
Y'know, I don't feel like on OC they want to be famous. But sometimes it feels like an infomercial, like when Tamra and Gretchen were shopping and Gretchen placed her bag exactly how it needed to be to show off the label. Or when Alexis tours her new trampoline park. Or, I'm sure, when Tamra gets more into the gym stuff.

So sometimes I feel a bit like they're hawking products and building identities in service to that (and in response to viewer complaints).

But I get what you mean about the celebrity thing.
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