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One more thing: I'm pulling for Britt, and will try to not call her the hateful Britch term.

Does anyone else see the shocking transformation that occurs with this poor woman? She's a lost, lonely girl in her mother's presence. All signs of "Britch" are gone. You'd never know she could be so nasty if you only knew her in that hotel room.

But she turns on. And it's like a switch goes off, when she's around Patrick and Sabrina.

I believe she suffers from mind control and that she has alters that aren't as severe as Kate/Connie, but are still devastating.

She needs to live her life. Instead, her mother's controlling it. She could easily find a man. But her mother's keeping her mired in Patrina and their drama.

This isn't healthy, and that's why I'm pulling for Britt to escape her mother's influence, eventually get the help she needs, and find the happiness we all deserve.
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