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The Scorpion
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Apr 9 2013, 07:55 PM
The Scorpion
Apr 9 2013, 05:24 AM
What I do not get is that what is it about this character Daniel as the Powers thinks he would be particularly desirable? Hallo in a superficial world, I can say this, there's nothing there that is topnotch. And a big turn off is that this guy never need to work to get a woman. The women lie down like he would be the bomb? Lol I mean look at EJ he had to work in seven fucking years to get the woman of his dreams. So I says this scrap Dannifer take in a drop dead beautiful woman and let Daniel crawl in shit let him be denied and truly work for a woman so maybe just maybe the character can be saved. :)
I'm no Dannifer fan, but I disagree. Men like Shawn Christian and Daniel don't need to work to get women. EJ was on the wrong side of the tracks. Dan's a doctor (cha-ching), very good looking, and has out-of-this-world abs. He's the kind of guy that women and some men would immediately jump into bed with, no questions asked. EJ has plenty of criminal baggage. From what we know, Dan does not.
Well like I said in my post is that Daniel is not the bomb in my opinion, my God, I've seen much prettier guys but ignoring the loocks, the character has no charisma there's nothing there and that he's a doctor nothing special either: ) So I disagree with you there, but I respect your opinion, hey we all have different tastes.
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