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I have been watching old scenes of scrubs and videos of scrubs, I just miss them as a couple. It is rare that you find a couple on any soap that fit like them. Robin change Patrick for the better when Patrick lost Robin the emotional pain and etc was great acting by JT. I also love Robin with Stone and even with Jason, but with Patrick she finally had a love that could last a lifetime. If I saw an ounce of chemistry between TC and JT, I think even as a scrub fan I can support them, but for me they lack chemistry I just don't see it.

TC has a beautiful voice, it was nice hearing her sing. I really like Epiphany and hope they show more of her, seeing Monica and Tracey up at the stage with her was great. The two was able to put their dislike of each other and do a number together. I like Ellie with Spinelli, she is her zing to his zing. They both compliment each other so well. I hope they don't break them up and put Spinelli back with Maxie, big mistake.

I think Sabrina and Michael can turn into a great pairing I think their is potential to them now that Starr dumped Michael. Plus, Sabrina will not have to deal with baby mama drama and I don't think she is ready to take on the full responsiblity of being a parent to two of Patrick's children. Frisco is such an ass it astound me what he did to Maxie yet again, he was not there for Georgie funeral and now he left Maxie high and dry. I like Anna and Duke too, FH dance training really paid off.
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