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If this was Nadia and Shawn, I would be all over it. Because - unlike Drake and Eileen - they DO HAVE a ton of sexual chemistry. They can sell it, and what's more, the audience bought it: hence Danloe's decent sized fanbase.

Eileen has it with Eric.
Drake has it with Deidre.

But ED and DH? Non-existent. And I know that must pain the writers, who desperately want it to be true. But its not.They have no chemistry and no fanbase. At all. They didn't have it in the 90s and they don't now.

But I gather this is just an avenue to make the audience hate John. We're
*supposed* to hate Kristen. John is supposed to be a good guy and a hero. They want people hating him for some reason. I don't know what the game plan is, but it I gather they want people feeling sorry for Marlena to the point of rooting for a permanent breakup with John (and hence moving them both on to new pairings). Will never, ever happen or be accepted.

You want to kill off John? Fine. But as long as he's still a character on this show, he belongs only with Marlena...and she him.

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