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Well it looks like I will still be on hiatus anyway because I see nothing of interest here and General Hospital is getting even better by the minute...BUT...just for fun...

Abigail deviously schemes to put a stop to all of Anne's plans
Can you deviously stop someone who is written as the bad guy from scheming? This spoiler doesn't make much sense. I do hope Abigail keeps discovering things, like Cameron's secret, Anne's intentions, etc. Hopefully this will lead to her realizing that she wants to start The Spectator back up and her and Chad can start investigating things together. They could have fun with a mysterious financial backer helping them out.

Nicole and Vargas get caught in a particularly intimate moment
When I stopped watching Vargas was still pretty terrible and it seemed like he couldn't act worth a damn, but I see a lot of people praising him lately. So I don't mind him having more to do than just torture Nick, BUT this is such a step backwards for the character of Nicole. I can't get behind any of this stuff at all.

Anne and Jennifer have a heated conversation
Okay, that happens all of the time. I hope Anne rips her head off. I think Anne's time might be coming to an end soon. There isn't much for her to do without being really repetitive unless she actually gains some sort of power position or starts dating someone.

Sexual tension begins to mount between John and Kristen
No idea if this is real or if John is pretending, but whatever. This has seemed inevitable for a while now so just get it over with. This is going to piss a lot of people off. They have no idea what they're doing with John and Marlena.

EJ proceeds to put his mysterious plan into play
This sounds intriguing, but likely will fall flat like every single other thing on this show.

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