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Apr 10 2013, 05:20 PM
Apr 10 2013, 04:46 PM
Sorry but it's pretty obvious they didn't sleep together and Brenda is just messing with Carly, you can just tell by how Brenda is acting
Even if that's the case (and I really hope it is). She shouldn't be messing with Michaels head.
Yeah, that's pretty messed up if this is the case. I am rarely on Team Carly, but in this case I am solidly in her corner. I'd go ballistic too if I caught my son in the same bed with a woman twice his age. I'm thinking that tomorrow we'll get a knock down drag out with Carly and Brenda. I can't wait! Between that and the Stavros Cassadine reveal, GH has become must see TV again. :cheer: I must say that TPTB at GH did a great job of keeping that under wraps. I heard rumors that a Cassadine was coming back from the dead but I figured it was just a rumor. Nice to be pleasantly surprised!
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