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I actually kinda think Stavros IS Sam's dad. Even if Sam's dad is just EVIL, there's plenty of evil people in GH history and that is no reason to keep it a secret. If its Stavros at least she has a reason. Maybe they met and didn't know who they were until Helena had to tell them. Or maybe he did rape Alexis. WHo knows?

They did however miss the boat if they go this route. Sadly Helena is really dead. At least for now. This isn't part of some scheme. She's dead, dead. SPOILER ALERT...
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Anyway, this is EPIC! I had a feeling Stefan, Stavros, or both would be alive because of the way Helena and Luke kept mentioning them being dead and at one point Helena got a smirk on her face when mentioning them. But this was still a shock. I know RKK chose to retire and become a pilot so its just interesting all around. I LOVE RKK and don't really give a damn about his backstage hijinks. I do hope that Stavros and Helena had Stefan held prisoner somewhere. I always loved how Stefan was still dark and could be a BAD ASS Cassadine, but he was still a nice guy and loving at times. I want him back. Stavros doesn't have longevity because he is just pure evil and has no redeeming qualities. Stefan could stick around permanently.

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