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Apr 11 2013, 08:19 AM
I always get a kick of reading the old mags....they were really a good read back in the day...can't say the same thing now.

This just proves how out of touch Days truly is. They made such a big deal over Ali's twentieth anniversary and they didn't even bother mentioning anything about Kristian or Bryan's.....if anything Hope should have been the character of the month....Kristen can always be character of the month in May, when we know that her story with Brady will be coming to a climax.....Days truly is clueless.

Thanks again Jason for doing this. Bryan and Kristian truly deserve to be featured more. It's a travesty that Bryan is barely on and Hope lingers around in limbo.
Kristian's doing a few interviews today, but you're right about how Days themselves have said absolutely nothing. They haven't retweeted a damn thing about Hope/Kristian either. (& the one tweet that originally contained Hope's name didn't when Days retweeted it)
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