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The Royal Dork

Someone on Twitter stated that this is the 8th consecutive episode they've had without a confessional from Brenda, which is a Survivor record.

I did notice that there are several "bonus clips" at the CBS website, with Brenda in them.

Oh, Andrea.... I just can't get a good read on her this season. During her first season, I was a big supporter, but that was probably because she was the underdog. But this season? That innocent smile and that sweet voice make me want to like her again, but damn, she's making some foolish moves!!

As far as the vote last night, it was a complete mystery to me. I usually can sense who's going home, but last night was a clusterfuck.

I still can't get over the fact that Malcolm convinced Eddie to vote for Andrea, and that Reynold was dumb enough to give Malcolm his immunity idol, all the while not knowing that the guy has his own.

Boy oh boy.. can you just imagine the chaos that would ensue around camp if we had Lisa Whelchel poking around camp, doing laundry again this season? Especially after this past tribal council!! ...."Oops, Malcolm! I found your idol again!"... THAT would be something to watch!

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