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Congratulations on 30 years!
I know! Shocking. Itís unbelievable.

What are some of your favorite early memories?
Oh my gosh. I think just being a part of something so big and so iconic as Days of Our Lives. And working with such an amazingly talented group of people. And being a part of this team that has worked together for so many years.

As one of the featured actors in Daysí new health and lifestyle book, what are some of your thoughts on body image and healthy living?
Well, healthy living is very important. I try to eat as healthy as possible during the week. I am not ever on a regimented diet. I take diet out of my vocabulary and try to eat in moderation. I try to be healthy during the week with chicken, fish, salads...but I love my meat, ribs, Italian foods. I eat everything. And I love my sweets as I know the fans will know undoubtedly! And I work out which I think is incredibly important for our health and our minds. I know that when I go work out, as much as I dread having to go, once I get through that first or second mile on the treadmill, I keep going. I try to multi-task to take my mind off what Iím doing, and IĒll work and try to learn my lines or on my jewelry line, and then Iíll go to my weights to stay toned. After Iíve worked up a good sweat, I feel good. I feel motivated. I feel energetic. I sleep better at night. I also drink a lot of water. I donít drink soda.

How have your thoughts on body image and healthy living evolved through the years?
Iíve never had a body image issue really...I wish I was a little taller. Iíve never had any body image issues. There were times when I was heavier when I first started the show, but you know I had been an athlete. I lost my muscle tone, but I didnít lose my appetite. I love food. We plan a lot of events around food. Weíre all big eaters. But I never starved myself. Itís so unhealthy to do. But I think exercise is very, very important. I donít think I exercised as much when I was younger after I was no longer training. Probably the last 10-12 years, Iíve really made it a point to exercise.

How did your jewelry line start getting incorporated into the show?
I was always wearing my own pieces of jewelry on Days. Viewers were writing in and asking where they could get it, but they couldnít because they were my own pieces that I had picked up on my travels.

So you were wearing your own jewelry even before you had the line?
They would give me jewelry or I would wear it home by accident or forget an earring, so I started wearing my own pieces. Then I started the line, and I only wear my jewelry on Days.

Youíre one of the main cast members on Twitter. What has that experience been like for you?
Itís been very positive. You get a few bullies at there. And of course thereís the bullies who profess to stop the bullies, and theyíre the bullies themselves, which is so unfortunate. With everything that is going on in the world, people do not need to be mean. And itís so easy to be mean, but itís so cruel and terrible and uncalled for. They should use it for what itís meant to do, and thatís to communicate but not be mean. And Iíve seen people, including myself, being bullied, and itís just a disgrace. Itís so sad that people will stoop to such a low level to hurt someone else. 99% of the time itís been incredibly positive in every aspect. The fans have been nothing but kind and wonderful and sharing their stories and what they like and what they donít like, and I love hearing from them.

Youíve stated before that you have trouble crying on cue. How do you work around that?
I donít cry on cue. I mean obviously youíve seen me cry so much over the years, but when you see a tear from me, itís because itís so deep inside of me that itís raw emotion. I want you to feel my pain or my distress or my sadness. Sometimes I can watch a movie or TV and I can see the tears but I donít see the pain inside. Okay, thatís great that they can cry, but I donít buy it. So if it doesnít come naturally, Iím not having anyone put something in my eyes whether itís visine or they blow this crystal stuff in your eyes. Or there are some people who can just cry. You know, ďWhat tear duct do you want it out of?Ē Thatís great for them, but thatís not me. So with crying in the Zack storyline...or actually I just did scenes with Alison Sweeney where it didnít call for tears, but I got myself to a place where the tears just flowed. And theyíre real, so theyíre not forced. You know something Milton Berle said to me years ago on a plane, because he watched Days of Our Lives...he leaned over across the aisle to me, and he said, ďI like what youíre doing, kid. Remember. Donít act. Keep it real, and just be honest with yourself.Ē And heís right. Itís taking lines from a page and making them your own. You want your audience to feel what youíre feeling.

Is there anything you can tell us about whatís coming up for Hope?
Do you want me to have a job tomorrow? I canít. I wish I could. They are so guarded. Weíre not allowed to speak about anything. Theyíre keeping things secret from us as well.

Do you have your eyes on any of your male castmates that youíd like to see hook up with Hope?
No, I donít. I donít. People have asked me, but everyone is involved with someone thatís on canvas right now. That would be so unlike Hope to steal someone elseís man. I would have to be Nighttime Hope again.

Tell us about working with Bill and Susan (Seaforth) Hayes.
Oh my gosh. I love working with them. I wish we had more scenes together. Thereís such a bond between the characters and also personally. I love love love them. I wish we had more family scenes together because theyíre great confidantes of Hopeís. Doug will always been Daddy to her and sheíll be his little girl. And Julie is such a confidante as a woman as a half-sister as a stepmother. Theyíre such wonderful actors. So talented. When I first met them I had chills because I could remember being at Grand Central Station with my mom the first time I went to New York and looking up and seeing Bill and Susan Hayes. Theyíre such a gorgeous couple, and years later me playing their daughter. And of course, working with Joe Mascolo and Suzanne Rogers. Such a talented lady with a huge, huge heart. And of course Joe, who I call ďcupcakeĒ. Heís such a little marshmallow, and we have so much fun working together. I wish I had more scenes with Lauren Koslow. We have a great cast of people. I wish Thaao was back. I miss him.

Is there anything that youíd like to say to the fans?
I just want to take a moment to really thank the fans for their love and continued support through all of the years. Thank you for welcoming me and allowing us into their living rooms every single day.

Our site is actually doing a countdown of favorite Hope scenes.
Iíve seen some of it! You have the skating one up, and I showed it to my husband and my youngest son because theyíve never seen me ice skate. It feels like just yesterday that that happened. I have had such joy looking at those scenes. Itís brought back so many memories.
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