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I really liked today. I think I ff less today that any episode in the last year. Loved the EJ/Sami/Kristen scenes. Kristen was hilarious. I love her style of humor.

I've been waiting on another "ILY" from Sami for a while now. Her saying she can't live without EJ was the icing on the cake. Their scenes were just awesome today. Her saying that she would take him, her, and the kids out of the house just show how commited she is to EJ now. I love it!

EJ sure is scheming but this time it's going to bring Ejami closer. EJ is clearly scheming against Stefano and the only reason he's not telling Sami is to keep her safe (hence all the references to her safety). Once Sami starts to figure it out more she will be Team EJ and I think they will work together for a common goal. I can't say enough that the writers have finallly given Ejamis payoff for our 7 year wait.

As always Chad was very entertaining to watch. I really am hoping for a Chabby reunion. Cam is hot, but such a snoozefest.

First time I actually watched a scenes with Dr Dan in months and I actually liked it. Too bad they ruined Chloe, but just water under the all-consuming Danifer bridge.

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