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I'm thrilled that Anne is planning to ruin Cameron. Hopefully she'll branch out and destroy more people too, just for the heck of it.

Sami threatening to take the kids AND EJ out of the mansion was awesome. Nice change from the usual. EJ needs a story, soon, so they need to stop hinting at what he's hiding and get things started.

I was surprised Cameron didn't at least recognize Stefano. Does he know who his father is, or could he be Stefano's too? O/T, but what happened to Chad's other father?
I love Anne. That is all.

That was another thing I didn't get. Semi and EJ MOVED INTO the mansion to get Stefano to help her with Will ( not that he ever agreed to it before they did it, but hey..), put her children there to live with him and spend time with him, but she doesn't want EJ to forgive him? What the heck?
She wants Stefano's help, but she doesn't want to risk losing EJ to him.
So the smart thing to do was move in with him? I mean, they didn't even ask Stefano for help and what the price of that help would be. Then, EJ is saying how Rafe (maybe a point here) cannot be trusted and neither can Lucas to keep his mouth shut (not true in my opinion) but let's trust Stefano and put ourselves in debt to him? All while Sami still doesn't truly want EJ involved with him? Makes no sense.
I don't think anybody said it was smart. They didn't have much of a choice otherwise though. The show needed ejami and the kids to live in the mansion for some reason and this is the excuse they came up with. I'm not going to nitpick it, because I'm glad they're there.
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