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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Apr 12 2013, 07:36 AM
GH should be even better in next week's ratings because of the Nurses Ball. Look at that rare FRIDAY bump from the NB. Without that kinda rough (by comparison) Wednesday this would have been a really great week for the show. I'm excited because that damn show is perfection. The NB had some flaws, but since its ended the show is just straight fire right now.

DAYS is in the danger zone. 2.2M is usually when I start getting really worried, but they're trending that way. I can't even believe that 4/4 rating. I need to look up a summary of that show or the 4/3 show. I know the whole show sucks and basically the same thing happens daily so this summary shouldn't tell me much that I don't already know. All of this after a pretty solid start on Monday too. Yikes. They really did a piss poor job of holding onto viewers that probably WANT to watch the show, but aren't compelled. Normally I am afraid Corday is going to come in and blow up the show but at this point I'm ready for Crackhead Kenny to come out firing and make some changes.
I was dreading the ball ending on GH because I'm still too use to a soap screwing me over and I'm not use to the writers having such good balance and pacing that they would continue even after a major non sweeps event, but by golly, GH did just that....the huge surprises this week are what building up a show pre sweeps should be like...I just wish that Days would have that kind of drama, that kind of anticipation and that kind of draw, but they don't. Days simply sucks all the way around, I have NOTHING on that show that would draw me to watching from one day to the next.....this week's Days was even worse that last week......the ratings for the next couple of weeks should be going from bad to worse.
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