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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of April 15th
camera shy

Apr 12 2013, 08:02 AM
I'm wondering if this spoiler

4/15, Rafe inadvertently foils efforts to reconcile with Kate

has something to do with this one:

4/17, Lucas irks Kate with an observation about Rafe

It could be related and it might not be. Given that Lucas just offered Rafe on a silver platter to Jennifer, he could tell Kate that he wants to hook up his sister with Rafe since she's finally free of Daniel. Problem is that obviously Lucas has no clue that his mom is fucking Kate, that would piss off Kate. OR It could have to do something with the spoiler above. If the speculations are correct that somehow Rafe calls Kate Sami by mistake, maybe Lucas makes an observation that Rafe might not be over Sami or something similar...and that pisses Kate off. Who knows but at least Lucas is making an appearance.
I think you're right on both guesses. It would be just like Days to have EJ propose to Sami and in the same week Safe anvils start dropping. Love Lucas and I hope he picks up on Kate's posessiveness of Rafe.
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