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Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1: Kristen walks in just as Sami asks EJ if he's decided to forgive his father. I'd love to hear the answer to that one myself. Sami tells Kristen this is a private conversation. Kristen - Come on Sami. There's no secrets in this house. I can't believe I actually tried to get away with that one. Neither can EJ. Kristen - You're not kicking me out. This is too great; you asking Eeeg here if he's forgiven father. EJ - You have your drink Kristen so if you don't mind ... Kristen - He's forgiven you Sami and next to you Father looks like Mother Teresa.

Anne is sitting in the coffeehouse when Abby comes in and asks Chad if he's seen Cameron. Chad has seen more of Cameron than he ever wanted to. Anne listens. Abby means tonight. Chad - No but he usually comes in after his shift at the hospital. Abby was hoping to bump into him here. Chad - I'm guessing he's bumping somewhere else. Abby - You have to stop with the jokes. Cameron won't even answer my calls anymore. I wish we'd never found out what he did. Anne smirks. Abby has her iPad out. I wish we'd never followed him to this place. Chad - We didn't do anything wrong. I think when you're going out with a guy you deserve to know about his shortcomings. Abby - Well I'm not going out with him anymore. He won't even speak to me. And you, you laughed in his face. Chad - You didn't think it was funny? Abby - No. He's a doctor. He can't have anyone knowing that he works at this place. Anne is all ears.

Chad meets up with a guy in the park and hands him an envelope full of cash. The guy says it's all there and on time too. Cam - Did you notice the extra hundred. Two more payments and I'm done with this and you.

After declaring that she needs to call Daniel she says she can't. Laura - Why? Jen - Because it will ruin his life if I do. Laura - I just don't see how someone like you could possibly ruin any man's life. Jen - You weren't there. You didn't hear the way I talked to him. Laura - Then call him and apologise. Better yet, why don't you go and see him. Jen - I can't. Laura - Why? Jen - Because I have done this same thing to him so many times. Laura - Sweetheart, widowhood can make a woman do things she wouldn't necessarily do. Jen - I can't talk about this anymore. Just leave me alone please.

Chloe understands what Dan is going through. Dan - I'm not sure about that. Chloe - The way Jennifer broke things off with you was just mean. She probably can't face you after what she did. I'm sure that's why she left town. Dan - Yeah, I think this decision might be a blessing that this all happened. Chloe - Really, what are you saying? Dan - I'm saying that you and I have a chance to really get to know each other again. Chloe - I know that a lot has happened since that awful day you found out about Philip and me. Dan - Yeah. An experience like that does change a person. Chloe - But now you know that Parker is your son. Dan - So you and I will always be connected. Chloe smiles - We will. Dan - We've been so busy trying to take care of Parker that we really haven't had any time alone together which is my doing, I know. It wasn't always because Parker was with us. I kept my distance because of Jennifer. She made it very clear that it's over now so I'm guessing that I can afford to be more direct and I hope you can too. Because maybe you and I can finally be totally honest with each other.

Segment 2: Abby follows Chad as he clears a table. Anne uses the opportunity to steal Abby's iPad off the bar. Chad tells Abby to give Cameron some time; he'll get over it. Abby - I know him better than you do. Chad - Well I know a hell of a lot more about him now. Abby - Would you stop. Chad - I'm not out to get him. He's Lexie's brother. Abby - We should have stayed out of it. Chad - You saw him giving money to a really sketchy guy carrying a gun around ... what were you supposed to do? Just pretend like it never happened? Abby - No, I should have just known he had good reason for everything he did. Chad - Okay, he had to get money for his mother by stripping and the gun was a prop for his Officer Billyclub whatever he calls himself ... those are good reasons? Abby - I should have had faith in him. Chad - I'm done with this. Stefano walks up. Chad - What are you doing here? Stefano - I've come to see my son.

EJ - I see you're in the mood to cause trouble this evening. Don't start in on the mother of my children. Kristen - This isn't just about Sami. This is about the both of you. When the two of you have been going at each other for years and years hammer and claw ... now here you are, the devouted couple having a serious conversation about the nature of forgiveness. I just find it slightly hilarious. EJ - We have 2 children together who we love very much ... Sami - Yes, we have decided to forgive each other. I agree with you. It's absolutely a laugh riot. Kristen - I get it, I do. So how long were you alone after Rafe? Was it a day or an entire day and a half. EJ - We don't owe you any sort of explanation. Just so you know Samantha and I made a conscious decision not to dwell on the past instead we are focusing on building a future together. Sami - It had nothing to do with me not wanting to be alone. It had everything to do with me realising I love you and can't live without you. Kristen - So the 2 of you have forgiven each other. What the hell is the big deal with EJ forgiving father? Sami - You know exactly what the big deal is. Are you really going to sit there and tell me that you've forgiven him for what he did to you?

Chloe takes Dan's hand. Of course we should be honest with each other. Dan - I know we both love Parker more than life itself. Chloe beams - He's our little boy. Dan - And I know you want me to think back on what we had before it all blew up. Chloe - A lot of outsiders came between us. There was never anything wrong with you and me. Dan - You know how much I loved you. Chloe - I still do. I never stopped loving you. Dan - And you know how happy I was when I found out you were pregnant with our son. Chloe - Yeah. It was a miracle. Dan - But still, it just blew up in our faces. Chloe - That's because I thought Philip was Parker's father. Dan - I know. Chloe - But as soon as I found out I came straight to you. Dan - I know and I thought once it was out in the open we could start over. Chloe - That's all I want. Dan - As friends. As parents to a son who both love him very much. Chloe - But I told you I wanted to be more than friends. Dan - And I told you it wasn't possible and you said that you accepted it; you said you knew the 2 of us would be over. You said that. Chloe - Why are you telling me things that we both already know. Dan - I guess I'm telling you this because I know what you said but I also know what you truly feel.

Segment 3: Kristen - Well, I'm living here, does that answer your question? Sami - Wow, after everything Stefano did; disowning you and leaving you a prisoner on that island. EJ growls - Samantha! Kristen - It's okay. I was asking Sami questions. When father first approached me I said the same things you just said. Then I saw him face to face and I realised that time does heal all wounds. Sami - You never considered that he was playing the dear old dad routine just to set you up? Kristen - Of course I did but I did what I said and I'm glad. You know why? My life was a little isolated before. Now I've got my Brady, I've got my brothers, I've mended some fences or at least I've attempted to and my father can never take that away from me. Sami scoffs. Kristen will leave them to their privacy. After Kristen leaves and Sami rants about her she rounds on EJ. I want to point out that she answered my question about forgiving and trusting your father and I don't think you should either.

Stefano greets Abigail. It's good to see you again. Abby - It's nice to see you also. Abby goes to get herself some coffee. Stefano - Are you 2 trying to get back together again. Chad - Calm down, we're just friends. Stefano - Ahh, but you don't seem very happy about that. Chad - What's up? Stefano - Does this place make a profit? Chad - We're doing alright. Stefano - It wouldn't cost you so much if you didn't have to pay rent. Chad - I see why you are here. Stefano - Yes. Samantha and Elvis have moved in with my grandchildren. Chad - So the House of Usher is rising again. Stefano - Absolutely. I love to live in a house when my whole family is with me. Chad - Stefano ... Stefano - Call me Father. That's what I am. I am your father and I want my son back. Cam comes in and sees Abby. He places his order. Abby - Hi, I'm so glad to see you. Can we please talk?

Jen returns to her mom. When Abigail storms out of a room saying she wants to be alone I usually accuse her of being a drama queen. Laura - Well you didn't storm out exactly. Jen - I just really have no one else to talk to about this and pretending about my feelings is killing me right now. Laura - Sweetheart, you can talk to me. Jen - You have to promise me this won't go any further. You can't tell Hope. You can't tell Julie. You can't tell Aunt Maggie. Laura - I won't. Jen - Okay. Mom, I try to be a good person ... Laura - And you succeed. Jen - I don't think so but I think it's important to make people know that I try. But lately there are a lot of people who think that I am not a good person. Laura - What people? Jen - Oh please. There's Chloe. There's Nicole Walker. There's this woman I work with named Anne and I'm starting to think they're right. Laura - What! I mean, Daniel's ex-wife and that crazy woman who accused you of pushing you down a flight of stairs and some woman at work ... they're attacking your character and you think you have to take these people seriously. Jen - I didn't just break up with Daniel. There is something I left out. I acted like he disgusts me and I said nasty and hurtful things to him in front of his mother and the people he works with and then I took the necklace that he gave me because he loves me and I threw it in his face. And that is who I've become.

Chloe - Daniel, please try to remember that from the minute I fell in love with you I've only wanted what was best for you. Dan - And I want the same for you. But I think the problem here is that we have 2 different definitions of what best means. And maybe it's because we both have been making up our own reality about what can and can not be. Chloe - I don't know what you're talking about. Dan - Let me make this clear to you. I know what you did.

Segment 4: EJ thinks Kristen was talking about all 3 of them grappling to live a different kind of life. EJ doesn't think Kristen's seeking revenge. In life things are not always as black and white as people like to think. I think what you see as forgiveness, I see as moving on. He tells her he loves her very much. He's never been happier. Sami - You're not going to tell me what's going on with you and your father. EJ claims he did. We're moving on and declares that to be the truth.

Chad - Pressure doesn't work with me. Stefano - Who's pressuring you? Chad - You are. I told Kristen I would think about moving in and I am. Stefano waxes poetic about spring. Why don't you take your friend over there ... he sees her with Cam ... unless she has other plans. Cam doesn't want to have it out in Chad's place with Chad standing across the room. I don't want to get into it all. Chad apolgises for interrupting. There's someone here I want you to meet. Stefano - You don't have to introduce us. I know who he is. He is Alexandra's brother. Cam - Who are you? Stefano - My name is Stefano DiMera. I'm Alexandra's father.

Hailey comes up to Anne at the nurse's station and asks if she's ready to go. Anne has to cancel. Something came up. Something that could be very good for her career. Hailey - What are you going to do? Anne recalls her run-in with Cameron. Anne - If I'm lucky I'm going to put a certain someone in his place. She leaves.

Jen - I was sure that I loved Daniel before Jack came back. But after Jack passed away I knew that I couldn't even start something new so I made Daniel believe that we were friends. Laura - Even though you knew that you once loved him. Jen - But I couldn't do that. Jack had just died. Laura - Jack would never want you to live alone. Jen - I know and when I figured that out I realised that what I felt for Dan was love not friendship and he couldn't replace Jack; I wouldn't want him to. But you know who understands that better than anyone is Daniel because he lost his first wife when he was very young and he will never get over that. Laura - May I ask a question? If you love Daniel and Daniel loves you and you understand about his wife and he understands about Jack, what is the problem? Jen - Me, I'm the problem. I did what I did to the man I love with all my heart.

Chloe - What I did? I don't know what you're talking about. Dan shoves her hands away and snaps. Don't give me that. You had your nutty mother take my son to Brazil. YES! Chloe - Brazil? Where'd you get that idea? Dan spews - You ... he gets up and mutters unbelievable. He pulls out the fax from a drawer and places it in front of her. This is from the United States government. That is the copy of the Visa, Chloe, stamped and dated from the time you told me your mother and Parker were in New York. That does not say New York! Chloe - I can't believe that she would do that. What's wrong with her? Dan - Do not put this on her. Let's think about the timing of this. She brought Parker back the second Jennifer broke it off with me. The second! Chloe - Okay, I understand you're upset but I am too. Why are you blaming me? Dan screams - Why! Here's why. Let me tell you why. Because you took my son out of the country and unless you got what you wanted you would never bring him back.

Segment 5: Cam shakes his hand. It was an absolute privilege to know Lexie for the short amount of time that I did. Stefano - I understand that you were a great comfort to her at the very end. Cam - If felt more like she was comforting me. Stefano - Due to circumstances I could not be there at the end. I'm very thankful to anyone who gave her comfort. If there's anything you'd like to talk about her, to say something, if you need anything, my son can contact me. I look forward to seeing you. Stefano leaves. Chad - Abigal and I waited for you at the club but you took off before we had a chance to talk somemore so I figure we can talk now. Cam - Seems to me like you said about everything that you had to say. He leaves. Chad stops Abby from going after him. She protests. I can't just do nothing. He's my friend. Chad - He's more than a friend, isn't he? Abby - What I really don't need from you right now is the 3rd degree, okay. Chad - Where are you going? Abby - Where do you think I'm going? Chad - He's probably working tonight. Don't tell me you're going to see his show again. Abby - No, don't be ridiculous. I'm just ... my life pretty much sucks right now and I just want one thing to go right for me. She's crying as she says she wants Cameron to know she's not judging him or laughing at him. Is that so much to ask. She leaves. Chad asks a worker to close up for him tonight. He also leaves.

Laura - Let me see if I'm hearing you right. You broke up with Daniel, the man you love and you did it in public in the most hurtful way possible. Why?
Jen - Because people had to know that I meant it. Laura - What people? Jen - Did I tell you that Daniel had a son. Laura - No, from his first marriage? Jen - Chloe. She had an affair when they were married and she told him he wasn't the father of this little boy until recently. There was a mistake; he is Parker's father. Laura - How old is Parker? Jen - He's almost 3 and if you could see Daniel and him, they are so beautiful together. Laura - But that's not a problem for you. Jen - No. Laura - I'm sorry. I just don't get this. Jen - I have to swear you to secrecy again because if anyone in Salem finds out what I'm about to tell you, Daniel could lose that little boy forever. Laura - Why? Jen - Because Chloe will take him out of the country and she will never come back with him. Laura - I have never understood how a mother can do such a horrible thing. Jen - Because she wants me away from Daniel so that she can have him back.

Chloe - Daniel, just because my mother did something doesn't mean I told her to do it or even knew about it and this doesn't have anything to do with Jennifer. Dan - Since when does your mother decide to take a 2 year old to South America for a weekend. It's a 12 hr flight. Chloe - I don't know. She does crazy things sometimes. Dan - The two of you have been up to something since the minute she got here. Chloe - That's not true. Dan - She's almost as good a liar as you are and I couldn't understand why Jennifer did what she did until I saw this Visa. And then I understood everything 'cause you told Jennifer that I could never see my son again unless she gave me up. Is that true? Chloe - What! NO! Whatever she told you, that is ... Dan - She did't say a word. What she did do was she put my happiness and Parker's ahead of her own. She gave me up because of you. Chloe - I don't know why ... Dan screams - Stop lying to me! Chloe screams back - I'm not lying. Someone is doing this. Dan - Who? Chloe - Nicole. She's trying to turn you against me. My God Daniel, you know what a liar she is. Dan - She is? You know I couldn't figure out how you thought this could ever work because I would track Parker down to the ends of the earth. I would never give up on asserting my rights. Chloe - You? You don't have any rights.

Segment 6: Sami tells EJ if he thinks of aligning himself with his father again she's taking him and the children away from here. EJ assures her that it won't happen. Where's this coming from? She whines about her encounter with Nick and being with Will. EJ says soon they can ask his father for help. Sami would be grateful to him forever. It's obvious Stefano loves Johnny and Sydney; he's very good with them. EJ - Family is extremely important to father. Sami - HIS family. Stefano comes into the foyer. Kristen greets him. He tells her about his visit with Chad not going so good. Then he bumped into someone ... Alexandra's half-brother. I started missing her more than I already do. Cameron knew Alexandra for only a short time but he seemed so much like here.

The bouncer is letting ladies into the club when Cameron dashes in the sidedoor. Anne walks up to the bouncer and confirms that she's at the right address. He tells her to have a good time.

Jen - When I looked into Chloe's eyes I knew I had to cave into this blackmail. Daniel needs to be with his son or else his son does not have a chance. Laura - That's my girl. And you're questioning whether you're a good person or not. Jen - I just can't stop picturing Daniel's face when I was yelling at him. Laura - Think of the look on his face if he didn't know where his son was. Jen - I know and I just know that we would never have a happy moment together. Laura - Honey, if you're putting someone else's good before your own, to me that's the definition of heroism. Jen - No, I am not a hero but I do know what I have to do next.

Dan - It's over Chloe. Chloe - No, it isn't. Dan - Nor does it matter that the new birth certificate hasn't arrived or that Philip's named as Parker's father on the old one because Philip, more importantly, Victor wants what's best for Parker and being carried off to God knows where, never letting me see him again, is not it. Chloe - I don't need Philip's help. The new birth certificate did come and guess what, someone screwed up. No one is listed as his father. Dan - I don't believe you. Chloe - You don't believe me? Well take a look for yourself. She hands it to him. When I first saw that I was really upset but now I'm glad because you're only Parker's father if I say you are. Dan - I'll get a paternity test. Chloe - Good luck with that. I'll be long gone and I'll take Parker with me. Dan - You threaten Jennifer that way too? Chloe - I won't have her turning my son against me. Dan - No, you'll do that all by yourself. You will not keep me and Jennifer apart. Chloe - Yeah? Well I'll take Parker away from you and I can do it legally and we'll go somewhere you can never find us and there's nothing you or Jennifer or anyone else can do to stop me.

Segment 7: Sami is going to check on the kids. (She says this after she tells EJ he should take on more responsibility on the legitimate side of the business). After she leaves EJ talks to Stefano's portrait. I think she's right. I should take on more responsibility. What do you think?

Abby can't believe that Chad insisted on coming to the club with her. Chad wasn't going to let her walk around this neighbourhood alone. Abby - But if we see Cameron, I do all of the talking. The bouncer sees Chad - Back for more dude. Chad - No, I'm with her. The bouncer tells them there's a bar down the street they might like a whole lot better. Abby - We're here to see Apollo. Bouncer - Who isn't? Abby - Look, I'm his friend and I need to talk to him. Bouncer - I hope you have some 10's and 20's because that's the only language he speaks. They go inside. Abby - She sees Anne. OMG. She works at the hospital. If she sees Cameron she could ruin everything for him.

Laura - I'm glad being here has cleared your mind. Jen - It really did. Sometimes you just need your mom. They hug. Jen - Which is why I'm really thinking of finding a place closer to JJ. Laura - You're leaving the country? Jen - I just feel that this whole situation with Daniel and his son is making me miss mine and I'm going to see if Abigail wants to go with me. Laura - I understand what you're saying. JJ is just fine. He loves his new school. Jen - I don't want to take him away from his school. I just want to spend more time with him. Laura - What about Daniel? You still love him. I really want you to think carefully about this. Jen - I have and I know that Chloe will never stop trying to get Daniel by getting to me and I can't do that again. And that's why I can't ever go back to Salem again.

Dan - You're going to have to go through me ... Chloe - You can't stop me. Dan - The hell I can't! You look me in the eye and you tell me that you're going to wake him up, put your son in a car and drive him away from a father who loves him. You tell me that you can take him someplace that he's never been and let him grow up without a father. You tell me that you can take MY son, a child who I love, away from his father. You tell me it means nothing if you don't get what you want. Tell me that. You tell me right now.
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