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Not talking about years ago.I know who crossed over. I'm talking about now! It's been awhile since Y&R crossed over to B&B.

Each soap opera is owned by a different company and owns the right to the character. Both writing teams would have reach a consensus on maintaining the character on each show.For example, GH used three OLTL characters on their show, due to PP owning the characters, they are returning to GH as new characters.
Sony owns both DOOL and Y&R and that why it was so easy to ED to be on DOOL.
Ken Corday who owns DAYS also owns a piece of Y&R. And B&B character is crossing over to Y&R because of the Bells have ownership in both shows. There's no reason a Y&R character can't go over to B&B but B&Bers are always in Genoa City. It's not comparable to the GH PP situation at all. That was leasing characters from two different companies

Sony is the company that own both DOOL and Y&R, they are the same company that make electronics, phones, and the famous Playstation 3 game system. Korday is the writing team that works for Sony and only writes for DOOL, JP is the head writer that writes only for the Y&R, Sony maintains the rights to both shows and each character. The Bells only own the B&B, not the Y&R. All writers are must follow union rules for each show. I mentioned PP because since they brought the rights to both AMC and OLTL, they own all the characters for each show. It the same way with DOOL, Y&R, and B&B. Sony owns the rights to both DOOl and Y&R characters and Bell owns the rights tot the B&B character. I hope this simplifies things.
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