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Apr 12 2013, 06:16 PM
Good for GH! They are really trying to keep the show fresh and produce quality and it shows.

While I dislike Fetch, I don't think its fair to blame the ratings going down solely on them. The promos say one story, but those who have been watching know they're not the only thing on. There's Ejami, the Wabi baby, and Vargas. Not only are they not attracting new viewers, the ones who are watching decided none of this was worth turning on their TV's for this past week. What is sad is that all of this had potential, and yet the writers focused on their pets at the expense of good story writing. Heck, almost all good stories have been sacrificed at the altar f Dr. Jonas and Semi.
You are right! I don't blame the bad ratings all on Dannifer--not by a long shot. They are certainly not why I won't watch now. It's not even Ejami, horrible as they are, but my reason is Ali Sweeney. I am serious when I say that woman has really pissed some people off lately!

But...on a happier note--GO GH!!! They sure have my viewership now. I use to watch it years ago so I still know and love a lot of those characters. AND GUESS WHAT--they have stayed true to their characters!! I'm loving it and I'm loving catching back up with it all. It's like they say, When God closes one door he opens another....
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