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Corbin Bernsen ·

Need some prayers for my mom tonight. Pretty rough. Won't elaborate now, but I believe there's still more purpose for her on this journey, but that's not my call. I love her so much. I want peace for her. I hope this is okay to share with all of you who know and love her, you are my friends and in a sense part of my family and community. We talk openly and honestly about a great many things and you have no idea how much comfort it gives me. Know that she's resting peacefully and this is not a message meant to announce finality, not at all, but instead, ask you to have her in you thoughts through the night.


Corbin Bernsen ‏@corbinbernsen
need some prayers for my mom tonight. Not doing great. I don't believe it is the end of her journey, but still a very uphill battle.


Cooper Out Of ICU!

Updated April 19th, 2013

Good news! THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS star Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) has turned a corner! Her son, Corbin Bernsen (ex-Father Todd), posted the following update on his Facebook page last night:

Good news continues for my mom as I believe she is being moved out of ICU to a more "comfortable" room. I was able to Face Time with her today and I can't tell you how amazing it was to speak to her and hear her voice! Her sense of humor was in tact, the greatest sign of all. I want to take a moment here to express something that - as usual - I'm at a bit of a loss for words for. So much of my reporting to you in the last week has been a sincere effort to convey her status and progress. And with your magnificent, steady prayers she has, day by day, improved. Yet still I feel a bit "guilty," weird. I mean, with all the other suffering going on, it's hard to celebrate this miraculous recovery. Also, about that, her extraordinary recovery... I've looked back over the posts because I wanted to make sure that I have been truthful and accurate. I know for a fact she was in extreme, life threatening danger that was even made more clear to me than perhaps I let on. But then, she did improve, steadily and somewhat defied the extent of the terrible news I was delivering. I want to make sure no one misinterprets this as my "making more of it than it actually was." I can guarantee you that wasn't the case. Her recovery has been nothing short of "miraculous" and very quick considering everything. That will be, if all continues in this fantastic way, the legacy of this... the effect of prayer and the ability for miracles. As always I want to close with making sure I'm accurate once again and letting you know that which I've been told... remain cautiously optimistic. That will most likely last for some time now but in the upcoming days I'll most likely drop it from these posts. I will keep the connection with you both regarding her recovery as well as "what all of this ultimately means" in the bigger picture.

I also want to take a moment to once again thank the INCREDIBLE STAFF at Cedars Sinai hospital who have helped in this miraculous recovery (that involved a lot of non miracle, expertise and kindness.) Also, I haven't mentioned my brother Collin by name, or my sister Caren who have stood by my side, holding me up and shared in your kindness. I love them both and feel closer to them than ever.


Updated 4/21

Posted Image

Bernsen posted the following on his Facebook page on Sunday, April 21:.....Sorry for no update yesterday, flying to LA and then spending quality time with mom, and exhausted once I got home. But great news… her incredible progress continues and she has… drumroll… graciously allowed a photo attached here. I asked, “would you like to give a thumbs up” and she nodded yes… THEN she, without hesitation, proceeded to flip me “the bird” for the first shot. I’m not showing you that one, not right now, so as there’s no confusion that she’s genuinely overwhelmed by your abundance of thoughts and prayers for her – which I finally had a chance to fully convey to her yesterday. But the “bird,” was yet another great sign that “Coop” is on the mend! Today she asked for her cell phone, another great sign, but also a worry… who knows what she’ll get up to or who she’ll start bossing around directly. A cell phone in her hands can be a dangerous thing! All kidding aside, great signs. But again, I MUST say this… we remain cautious in our optimism, she still has very real hurdles for long range recovery and returning to a life she knew. That said, she was ABUNDANTLY, ABSOLUTELY, ADAMANTLY CLEAR… she wants to go back to work and “it ain’t over until Katherine Chancellor sings!” Enjoy the photo and her stuffed dog she calls Cracker Jack after her real dog waiting patiently at home for her. Have a magnificent day… as that’s what the day wants for you.

Jeanne Cooper released from the Hospital

Updated 4/27

From the family of Jeanne Cooper: We are overjoyed to announce that Jeanne is to be released from the hospital today. She will still need some time to regain her strength entirely, but now she will be able to do so in the comfort of her home and she's rearing to go! Your love, support, kindness, and prayers have carried us all through the troublesome times and now we can find solace in the love we all share for one another and find our footing and strength together! What a wonderful say to start a weekend! Love to all!!!


And from her son Corbin
I'm overwhelmed this morning! Joyously, magnificently overwhelmed by the blessings in my life! Back home now from an extraordinary time with the folks on The Glades, cast and crew... family. I'm overwhelmed to wake up in the arms of my wife, and after nearly 25 years together, feel so much love, incredible love, deep, passionate love for. I'm truly blessed. I'm overwhelmed how all of you have given so much to me and my family over the past several weeks when you have your own hurdles in life and we as a country have so many hurdles of darkness to leap like what happened and continues to unfold in Boston. But you have been there for us, for my mom! Man! Wow!
And today, it pays off... mom is heading home from the hospital! I'm hoping to grab a photo as she gets into the car to post for you later. Last night it took all she had to not just get up and walk out then... and believe me, she's almost capable! She threw the lasagna dinner aside ( I quickly snuck a few bites) and I could tell, she wants out! Unless anything comes up, that's what's gonna happen today! She knows she still has plenty of work to do at home to fully recover - and this is the weird part - I think she might not only get back to where she was but go beyond, to better health than before all of this. I know she's taking all of this in stride now and even becoming somewhat philosophical about it - do I smell another book?

Okay, I must be back to something near "normal" because I"m rambling here now - like I used to. But I can barely contain my joy. I am, as I said, overwhelmed by the blessings around me. Blown away! My wife planted some flowers we bought last week and now I've come home to see they're in the ground, smiling in our garden. My garden is bountiful, my life is bountiful, your love is overwhelming. Photos of the day to come....


Updated May 1st

Jeanne Cooper Back In Hospital

Sadly, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) is back in the hospital, according to son Corbin Bernsen (ex-Father Todd).

"An abundance of prayers needed this morning, mom has been taken back to hospital." he posted to Facebook this morning. "Not sure what to pray for at this point or what we even want for her. I know in my heart there is more for her to do in this world, but I also know there is a season for all things. I want more than anything comfort for her. I want her to have peace. This is that tricky place where you start to weigh all things, not what we need to do, actions to take, but instead open ourselves for enlightenment as to what God has planned for her and ultimately what is best for her. She's a fighter and I know she'll continue that. But when you're boxer is in the corner, bruised and bloodied from battle and demands to keep going, what do you do? I'm saying my prayers this morning, asking for guidance. Again, not reporting "the end" here, just that tricky place at the precipice and those moments requiring deepest reflection."


Updated 5/2

From Corbin Bernsen's Facebook:

Woke up to beautiful sunshine this morning. Rays of hope. I'm leaving mom's journey truly in God's hands now. I slept well last night and at least for the moment, am at peace. And that's all I really want for her, either way. In my heart, and I think I'm being unselfish - I think - I do believe there is more for her here, on this earth, in this part of her longer journey. I don't know what it is or why, perhaps just a continued fight for some time to show us all the power we have to make a difference... or maybe simply to encourage me to write about that, share that... our individual power to bring change. For me, the world is suffering right now, and it is only through us, each of us; parents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and expanded communities of a variety of beliefs, faiths, and political agendas, that when we call on our deepest individual strengths as human beings - like my mom is doing now, hanging on, fighting - that we can come together for the common cause, and perhaps bring remedy to our suffering. Personally, while my faith is clear and has been made clear here, I welcome all into this challenge and conversation. Without judgement. With love. Maybe that is the point of all of this. That is indeed my mother and the lessons she taught me and is now, at the greatest cost, showing me one more time.

Which leads to another concern. I also am feeling a bit selfish this morning. So many of your comments have been about going through things like this personally, today, as we speak. Either yourselves or with a parent or loved one. And here I am, going on about me, me, me. Blah, blah, blah, as someone put it last week. I'm sorry for that, and I want you to know, as I've often remarked here, that when I pray for mom, I always include all of you in my thoughts. I don't speak about it here much, reserving the already lengthy space to my personal situation, but it is in my heart. My mother taught me many years ago that we are all connected, my problem is your problem, your problem is my problem. We are inescapably connected through our humanity. So please know, you are not neglected and I feel for you as though you and your situations are indeed mine. Peace to us all, love to us all, God Bless us all. Going to walk the dog now and breath some fresh air.


Updated 5/3

Corbin Bernsen:

Tested today. My faith, my strength, my very beliefs. End of life sucks. It's a terrible thing. I don't know many cases of "grandma went off peacefully in her sleep." Instead it seems more often it's a battle, a fight to go beyond our expiration date. And maybe there's the problem, one we create. Pushing the limits. I asked God many times today, why. Why would you give us this incredible life and end it so miserably? Okay, yes, there is more beyond this life, and I do believe that, but why end "this" one so in opposition to the beauty you have created? I"m praying for enlightenment on this. I think I understand it, but it's not clear.

Please know that I'm not saying my mother's life has ended, it hasn't, but no matter how you slice it, she is in the final stages, whether it lasts an hour, day, month or years. I had to say "goodbye" to her tonight "just in case" as I'm traveling tomorrow to Vancouver for Psych. I have prayed for her recovery - some sort of recovery - and earlier this week got a hint of it. But then I saw her tonight, connected once again to so many tubes and machines "healing her." And there is a difference - yes they are keeping her alive just as antibiotics would do for an infection - but they are more or less there to help in her short term recovery. Is she in a natural decent toward the end? Not sure. Is there a future? Not sure? And if so, what kind of future? Even less sure.

So I said my goodbyes tonight, had a good release of emotion and then left the room, more uncertain thanI have ever been about so many things. I wish I could be more positive for you tonight, but I reserve the right in this space to be plain, simple and honest. I know it's only in that realm that I will find the answers I'm looking for right now. I love you mom. I'm giving it up to you and God to find peace in this world or the next.

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