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Apr 7 2013, 10:10 AM
Apr 7 2013, 10:03 AM
EJ's hiding the fact that he stole John's money to shame Sami's family and further his own career, which led to the pub shooting that almost killed Sami, Will, Allie, Sydney, Johnny, Roman, Caroline, Marlena, John. That's a huge thing to hide.
Maybe they'll bring it back up; I don't know. However, it looks like tptb have dropped that entire s/l. I think Drake said as much in an interview a while back. I actually think it would be interesting to see ejami tackle that if they bring it back up again.
See, this is what I dislikes with soaps.

They ignore history due to different writers, visions etc.. they are not consistent. A fan.. will always remember.

Like the rape thing,.. Its always sticking up in fan discussions about EJ and Sami. I wasn't watching when that happened. I happened quite early, I guess, in the show and they should have never kept EJ if they went that road with him. Instead they made him into a romantic contender for Sami... Perhaps they where not planning to keep James aka EJ,... and they could certainly not predict that there would be so many fans out there for that kind of coupling, liking them not so much due to their history but more the possibilities and chemistry between the characters and actors. They should have that character killed and then a twin showing up having feelings for Sami if they wanted to keep James on. .. but that didnt happen.

Since I wasn't watching when that particular plot happened,.. I can enjoy my EJAMI.

But seriously though, these forgotten/dropped plots keep making holes in the overall feel of the story. You are here to enjoy a story,.. not pieces of it. This ring thing.. or egg?? so weird.. and the whole thing with McAlister. I though there was an exciting potential with him.. and they dropped him like nothing. He could have become an exciting character .. and colorful as Stefano or Victor with time and effort.
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